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March 29, 2003



The Refusal


RavenBlack has finally replied to Capadocious. He has refused to join the clan and welcomes the attack on him. He has stated that he will not use his god authority to harm any involved in the attack, but will retaliate (but not delete or strip away powers) on all involved. Will RavenBlack escape being zeroed? Can Cap Clan get it all together to do this attack, or has it just become an empty threat do to recent events within the clan itself? Only time will tell.


The Downfall of the Cap Clan is Starting


Recently, it has come to my attention that there are spies in the Cap Clan. Of course they knew that spies exist in it all, but little did they know what these spies were really up to. Over the past four months, these spies have been building an army of unheard of proportions. The dates of the attacks are now available to me and here they are with some details. The first attack will take place on April 1, 2003. This attack will include 34 vamps that will fight until their targets reach zero. The next attack will take place just three days afterward. This attack will consist of 64 vampires that have enough holy water and scrolls to zero out RavenBlack and some of his childer. There are other vamps that are being kept for back up reasons and have therefore not been mentioned to me. The downfall is coming, as the numbers are not in the Cap Clan?s favor. More details as they come in.



Out of the Cave


After spending a couple of days within her cave, Pandemona, has come back out again. She still isn?t sane, but she?s a little closer than she was. She has decided to remain in the Cap Clan and has put aside her differences with me. (Which I?m sure was a hard thing to do. Anyone that knows Pan?s and my stance about each other will fill in the details, it?ll take me way to long to do so here.) In light of all this, she has made me the vice president of Notte Scura Inc. So come and see a bit of history in the making as we sell the green go that ended our feud.





Notte Scura: Why not go were fashion sits? Check it all out here!


Don?t like the Capadocious Clan? Want to show them they aren?t really in charge? Join the fight, be an assassin today! Interested?


Politically incorrect and proud of it: RBB Debate.


Want to represent your clan in the next session of the clan ratings? Email Mooncalf (or his ghost, whatever he is) at New session starts April first.


Attention clanless vampires seeking teachers/mentors/ect.! They do exist and want to help you learn your way around the city and it?s systems. If interested please contact EuphoricLust at


Need a vacation from it all? Act now and receive 50% off for the month of July, includes air, hotel, and car rentals. Interested? Contact Cap?s travel agent at:




Thieves Guild 1 ? Anguish and 84th

Thieves Guild 2 ? Hessite and 75th

Immolators Guild 1 ? Beryl and 29th

Immolators Guild 2 ? Ruby and 39th

Empaths Guild 1 ? Steel and 65th

Empaths Guild 3 ? Unctuous and 20th





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