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March 7, 2003



Quiet Night


Not much has happened in Raven Black City tonight.  It has been quiet, almost to quiet if you ask me.  This reporter can only assume the quietness is do to the truce between the Cap Clan and Black Haven Coven is ending tomorrow.  Both sides are preparing for their ‘major’ attacks upon each other, and neither side is saying much.





The person really talking today was one Mssr. DarkkWeaver.  He was noted as giving a clan run down for people.  Not too imparshal was he, as the clans he gave the most reguard to, he had at one time been a member in each.



Bartenders Wising Up?


In some of the many taverns throughout the city, the bartenders are noticing odd things.  They have been finding corpses in the alleyways near their establishments.  Some of them have even been quoted as saying ‘I thinks there is vampires in the city.’  As a race, we really do need to be more careful.  If these half-witted bartenders are catching onto us, how much longer until all the humans know?



Hunters in Our Midst?


I have recently heard rumors that vampire hunters are heading to our city.  I cannot tell if the rumors have substance or not, but we should all keep our eyes open, incase they are coming.




Shops and Guilds


As of midnight eastern standard time:


McPotions – Yearning and Zinc 41st/42nd.

Theives Guild 2 – Ivy and 47th.


More as I get them.




Come and visit the Notte Scura.  Everyvamp that’s anyvamp is there.  You don’t wanna be left out, do you?



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