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March 21, 2003



End of Clan Savage?


BloodSpawn has almost single handed killed all of Clan Savage.  According to reports, there is only one member left in the clan with any blood.  The vampire Malexus has been marked as the last to be taken out.  Three Savage Clan members have switched to the Cap Clan.  Music_Man, testydonkey, and jimmymac recently switched do to BloodSpawn’s attacks.  Two of them are still pending, but the other is under the wing of BloodSpawn.  It is now only a matter of time before Clan Savage is nothing more than a mere memory.



Dirktou’s Demise


Over the past 9 days, Dirktou, after the successful assassination on the Queen of the Cap Clan, Battilion, has been one of the top thorns in the side of Capadocious.  Today, that has come to an end!  At approximately 4 pm EST, he was found dead by a vampire bum, who wished to be unidentified, lying in a pool of the blood that he had taken from the many humans and vampires in the city.


Although, Dirktou was dead, he left us with a written statement as he knew that this day would surely come.  This is what he wanted VNN to post upon his demise


I feel honored to be one of the few in the city that would be willing to stand up against the might of the Cap Clan.  I hope that my actions lend support to any and all that have thoughts of one day living in a Tyrant Free City!!  I also thank Will der Bauer for his efforts, although, neither of us know whether or not this will be vain.


Several attacks over the past days have left me where I am now.  There are too many attacks to post but some of the Cap Clan in on them were Sodakk, kishan, Lucious, Wrigley, Lorelei, Jaques, EmilyLang, and MistressAsh.  I’ve estimated a total cost to take me down being somewhere between 150 to 200k, depending on where the supplies were bought.  That much money for a piece of trash, as Capadocious called me?  Muhahahahaha


During these several days, I have hit or retaliated several times, including an attack on Capadocious himself, who never got involved with these reprisals once, which seemed strange to me as I did help to kill his queen!  I also finished off Drema, as I could not stand her mouth anymore and since others apparently felt the same way, taking her down to 7 or 8 bp, when I ran across her, I couldn’t resist!


By the time it happened, I hoped it would.  The waives of Caps that came after me left me tired.  I was just wanting by this time to die.  Finally, after two large scale attacks earlier in the day, I stumbled, accidentally, into MistressAsh at a bank that I had planned on withdrawing money from to buy more ammo for one last stand.  As I realized who it was that I had bumped into, I was glad.  I knew that MistressAsh would finish the job the way he had started it.  It was MistressAsh that began the campaign against me, hitting me with 38 SOT and 4 HW.  I knew that this could be a good sign, as I was ready for rest and I was right.  As I was down to 56 bp, it wasn’t too hard for the strong vampire to take me down to zero.  6 SOT later, I was.  I looked up at the victorious MistressAsh and was glad that he was an honorable, albeit evil, vampire.  He did the job where others had failed, and at this point, that is what I needed.


In my last, dying words, I will say that my sleep will be for a period of one month, as is the case with Will der Bauer.  In this time, I will feed only on humans and will not interact with living vampires in any way.  When I do come back alive, I hope to be as strong as ever.


I want to thank VNN for running my stories and thank my friends out there for your continued support.  I hope that all will be well with you as I ‘sleep’.





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