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April 1, 2004

The News Must Go On!

written by, PersonMan

I have taken it upon myself to hijack VNN, at least for the evening. The City of RavenBlack wants news, and I intend to keep giving it to you, even if the courts try to silence us. We have been bringing you all news for over a year and I have some sort of personal vendetta against authority, hehe, so we don't plan on leaving our public high and dry. I've taken the liberty of commandeering some of charish's recent unpublished stories while she slept, so I hope you all very much enjoy tonight's issue, and all our future issues to come.

Hack Attack

written by, PersonMan

Someone's hacking into prominent vampire's accounts and spraying Holy Water all over the place. Lucius, evilive_inc, and ophelia have all, reportedly, been "used" by the culprit(s) to carry out some attacks. Keep an eye out for these odd happenings, so far each has been accompanied with a messages, usually something lame. Best idea is to contact anyone who attacks you before returning the favor. RavenBlack has been asked to see what can be done about the matter, though it's likely that the best way to stop these hackings is for everyone to keep track of their holy waters and scrolls, and change their passwords if they have any suspicions.

Cair Paravel

written by, charish

With all the recent talk of this place, Tsarina decided to go check it out and see what they had to say. In her last move before sunrise, she entered into the gates. However, she did not find what she had hoped for and rested for the day. She awoke suddenly as she was thrown from the grounds by Romani. Tsarina has never heard of or met this vamp before and assumed that he did not like her resting where she was. When she had rested for the day, only one other inhabitant was residing there when the sun rose. Unsure of the reason for her attack she attacked back, saying, "Romani if it was full and you scrolled it so you could enter, I apologize for scrolling you back."

Lottery Winners, And a Goodbye

written by, PersonMan

Valadon's most recent Lottery has ended and the winners are as follows, in order from First Place (1,000,000 coins) to 6th Place (25,000 coins): Vonstrawd, Syriana, Sodakk, Axe, moondog, and Ophy. This action is taken on Val's leaving of the city. A shame to lose such a proud and noble vampire, he shall be missed by many. Farewell Val, and I'm sure the winners are more than gracious for your coming through on your final Lottery before you left.


written by, charish

Is it all true? The vampiress cristiana wants to know. She recently found out that her companion and thought to be soul-mate, Horrorus, had a few other girls on the side. Well, it's really more like eight, but who's really counting? She is looking for more information. She must know if it's all true. She has some proof that Horrorus was in fact cheating on her, but she wants the whole story. Besides, what girl wouldn't want to know the whole truth once it was out? If you know anything about these acts, or have even been played by Horrorus, please contact cristiana at: vampire_cristiana on YIM.

Wedding of Charish and PersonMan

written by, charish & PersonMan

Yep that's right. We're officially hitched. On Saturday, March 27, 2004, we became husband and wife. The ceremony did have a couple of slight malfunctions though. Empress Creperum was scheduled to join us, but she was being held captive by a goblin named... Mr. Goblin. We needed a stand-in, since our stand-in was also missing. It was looking kinda bad for a little while there, until Cerridwen said she'd step in and make our union happen. She performed the ceremony in a most beautiful manner. PersonMan fumbled his vows a little, giving him a nice cold-sweat glow, and I had some trouble finding the right words. It all came together in the end and even had a proposal happen at the reception.


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