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March 16, 2004

A Visit

written by, charish

It has been quite awhile since "he" has spoken. Well, that's right, everybody's favorite evil guy stopped in for a bit just to let us all know he's still out there. BloodSpawn let his presence be felt in one of his typical ways, and surprising got a warm response. Imagine that. Go on, I dare you too. If that's too hard for you, here are some quotes from citizens.

"I know I have. Good to see you Bloodspawn." says Cerridwen in response to Bloodie's ever charming words of wisdom.
"I'm not kidding, ask Cap. I have missed Bloodie." says Batty.
"Yeah, I missed you a lot! I don't even know who you are! But I've heard of your "ruthless" deeds! i look forward to talking with you..." says Illidan.

With this seeming want from the public for BloodSpawn to return, will he? Or was simply letting us know that he's still around? We'll have to wait to know for sure, but I'd say if he sticks around chances are pretty good that we'll all regret the kind words of welcome that were handed out.

Empress' Secret

written by, PersonMan

As many have come to know, Empress Creperum of the Empire will be taking on a new Emperor who will be announced Wednesday, March 17th, at 8pm EST(that's GMT -5, of course), see Fridays issue for details. Crep has devised a little poll to see if anyone can guess who her mystery Emperor will be. You can take this poll at the RVRC Group. Among your choices are the esteemed Capadocious, Mooncalf, and 23 more potential(although some, somewhat laughable to be thought of as Crep's boy-toy). PersonMan's recent engagement is most likely why he was left off the list, if anyone was wondering(PersonMan was wondering, yes), aside from that everything seems to be in order. The poll can be accessed from here, I just checked all the boxes, much more fun.

Sleep has Taken One

written by, charish

The vampire Mooncalf was found tonight in state of deep sleep, or torpor. It is uncertain whether he will awake from this state or not. Thus far all attempts to revive him have failed. There was a small note near his body with his wishes for the Raven Times and Mooncalf's other affairs. I am not able to disclose to information to the public just yet, because Mooncalf's lawers have to make his final first. May he find is peace in his rest.

Delivery Schedule

written by, charish

We here at the Vampire News Network feel as though you should have a schedule of when you will be receiving new issues. There will be no issues produced during the weekends, with a large Monday edition to re-cap the weekend and the current day. Sorry if this interfears with your regularly scheduled programming, but hey PersonMan and I got to spend some time together other than working.


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