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March 15, 2004

Another Body

written by, charish

During the weekend, the Shadow Court added another corpse to pile. The sixth vamp to be taken down by the Court was Kali Ma. Lucious called the corpse collector, Kearn, to do his job as Lucious dropped the corpse on the lawn of Capadocian Keep. How many more bodies does the Shadow Court need to add to the pile before it is realised that this is a pointless war? Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Newest Craz.....Cap Cards

written by, charish

A new card game has arrived in RavenBlack City. It's simple once you know the rules, but more people seem to be interested in collecting the cards for their value and rarity, in some cases. Your basic starter deck comes with 60 staring cards that include:
1 Random Capadocian Leader Card (rare, very hard to find),
2 Random Main Personality Cards (rare),
5 Warrior Cards (Uncommon),
5 Foil Cards (Uncommon),
10 Thief Cards (common),
11 Pawn Shop Cards (common),
25 Necromancer Cards (common)
1 Gravedigger Card (common).
Unfortunately for those that wish to have the card containing Capadocious, you are completely out of luck. Lucious has the only copy of it hidden safely under his bed, and is not willing to trade it for anything. (Well, currently, at least. Maybe in the future you might be able to strike a deal with the lord of the Ferrymen, but who knows what that will intell.)


written by, charish

A new vamp in town is looking for someone. this is not something too uncommon in this city and in this age. Xanthippa is in search of the vampire Leto Atreides. Any information would be appreciated and can be given at the RVRC.

Flirtatous Advances

written by, charish

Someone's been naughty. Seems as though Es Beacy has been playing around with the wrong vamp's companion. GD has promised to exterminate this vamp. He cares not which clan Es Beacy is a member of or who might come to this one's aid. He cares not for what might happen to him, he simply wants to avenge the wrong committed to his love.

Another Auction?

written by, charish

The idea has been tossed out about having an auction this year. I'm not sure everyone remembers the last one, so here's a little background. Last year in RavenBlack City, vampires and vampiress' alike put themselves up on the auction block to the highest bidder. Many had fun and the event was throughly enjoyed. Should it happen again? It wasn't very organized last year, and the men never did get thier coins, but nothing is perfect the first time you do it, right?

Sheepe has tossed the idea of doing it again, but so far no one has really taken him up on the idea. Personally, I think it would be fun to hold this event again, as long as it's more organized. Sheepe's already volunteered to be the auctioneer, so now all we need is the public's interest.

The rules from last year:
Same Gender bidding
You can group together to bid on one person
You can bid one more than one person
You may only bid as many coins as you have
Just keep in mind that you can only bid up to the actual amount of coins that you have. That means no estimating for stealing efforts.

Quote from Sheepe:
"You must inform the auctioneers the amount of coins you have, prior to bidding, and wether you are being auctioned. Minimum bid I believe is at 100 coins... I wanna be an auctioneer... pwease?"

Can we really so no to that?

Attacked While Resting

written by, charish

Poor Cap, never gets a break. After finally being zeroed by the Shadow Court and left to heal, Capadocious was attacked by jotune. This is the second attack that happened to him, the first was a complete accident on the part of Lisichka, whom did not know that Cap had been zeroed. The second attack came only one week into the minium two week resting period, which Cap's Ghost has stated that he will be exceeding to have the proper time to regain his strength and recover from the trama caused by the Shadow Court.

It has been noticedby Empress creperum, that once again Cap is leaving his clan to fend for itself and the last time he did this was when the Shadow Court was born. Maybe a repeat performance will be happening? We have to wait to see, and as we all know, anything can happen in this city.


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