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March 11, 2004

Charish & PersonMan-- oh hey that's me

written by, PersonMan

Without further ado, me and Charish are now companions. That's right, after almost a year I finally got her. ;) No big plans have been decided on, but the new couple is beaming with happiness over this great union. The public will be undoubtedly informed through the occassional story here on VNN, so all you weirdos keeping tabs on one or both of us can relax. Wait, there were wierdos keeping tabs on us?

Dirktou Reappears from his Retirement

written by, charish

A few months ago, Dirktou decided it was time to hang up his weapons and unlife in the publics eye for good. However, recent events have caused him to stir from his shadowy place. It seems as though Dirk still holds something against Lady Nikko. She has always seemed to stick her nose where Dirktou did not feel it belonged. With the recent war between the Shadow Court and Clan Capadocious, Dirktou feels that Lady Nikko is sticking her nose in a messy affair, by returning and removing the bodies of the slain Caps to there lair. Dirk plans to finally rid this city of this suppossed pest. So guess we have to wait til the preparations are all done before there is another corpse to add to the mounting piles.

The Corpse Collecting

written by, charish

Seems there is a semi-hidden reason behind the collecting of Capadocians. Seems as though a bon fire is being planned, and the corpses are the fuel. Kearn was appointed, or maybe is the self appointed, corpse collector for Clan Capadocious. The reason for this is quite simple, if the corpses are left out, UnicornDream plans on using them to roast a bunch of marshmellows. Personally, I wouldn't eat marshmellows that were that close to Capadocains, but that's just me. So will this bonfire take place? Only if the body collectors are stopped. Dirktou has his sights set on one of them (see above story). So who's gonna take Kearn out, so we can have a bonfire that will never be forgotten?


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