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January 22, 2004

Lucius's Little Truths

by Lucius

#90. Nothing is fool-proof to a sufficiently gifted Wandering Fool.

#91. Sometimes I need what only KALI_MA can provide: her absence.

#92. In the Tower of Blood, it is tradition to approach every problem with an open mouth.


written by, charish

The recently retired Dirktou was attacked by Ashrogoth. No one is quite sure the of the actual cause of this attack, but Dirk's son, Refugee, has stated that his sire would not mind some help taking care of this situation, as long as the one helping is only doing it cause they are bored. When will vamps learn? It also seems that this vamp has targeted members of the der Bauer family line. If you don't know it, you should, there is no closer family than the der Bauer line. Use some sense before attacking one of them.

UpbeatSweetie zeored and the fate of pahadron

written by, Morgana the Faerie Queene

After a long and drawn out war, BlackHaven Coven has finally zeroed UpbeatSweetie, the leader of the Clan of the Phoenix. It was DarkSaga who struck the fatal blow for the Coven.

BlackHaven has been fighting with UpbeatSweetie on and off for months now. The fights began after UpbeatSweetie and other members of Clan Phoenix helped protect Lady Cerridwen while she was still married to Capadocious and Lady of the Capadocians. UpbeatSweetie then began a series of verbal assaults on various members of BlackHaven, culminating in the HolyWatering and attacking of several BlackHaven members. BlackHaven became involved in other matters so the attacks on UpbeatSweetie and her husband and fellow clan leader pahadron were temporarily halted.

However, after UpbeatSweetie's verbal slander of BlackHaven in relation to a conflict with the Amazon Blood Clan and her treatment of several friends of BlackHaven, the attacks on UpbeatSweetie began again in earnest. Upon announcement of the zeroing, many citizens of RavenBlack City were heard exclaiming in joy and opening bottles of champagne.

Originally, BlackHaven was going to zero pahadron as well, but the vampire freaK has publicly requested a one-on-one duel with UpbeatSweetie's husband. In a public statement, freaK has stated pahadron has unfairly accused him of treason and demands justice. In deference to freaK, BlackHaven has agreed to stand down all attacks on pahadron, and all of RavenBlack is awaiting pahadron's answer to freaK's challenge. Will pahadron join his wife on the pile of the zeroed? Only time will tell.

VampCourt in complete disarray

written by, Morgana the Faerie Queene

VampCourt is quite simply falling apart at the seams. After Archangel and the NightWatch pulled out of the Court, several justices have left and the fighting is literally non-stop. Many vocal supporters of Archangel including Gheboot and TNG have been banned by justice Tuomey due to their very vocal protests of the Court and himself. These bannings have led to a groundswell of requests for Tuomey to resign his post as justice. Tuomey has staunchly refused, and although some members of the Court have attempted to work around the protests, nothing is getting accomplished.

Indeed, the yelling in the halls is deafening, and even the other justices are becoming vocal and abusive. Could it be that VampCourt has finally reached the end of its road? Stay tuned....

A New Clan

written by, charish

The vampire Death's Kiss has started up a new clan. There are no details available to the public just yet, so it's all still a mystery. Death's Kiss is looking for vamps that would be interesting in being sgaes of teaching for a dojo and heads of houses. All those interested are asked to contact Death's Kiss through either Y!M (bloody_kiss_vamp) or AIM (bloodykissvamp). You're stats are needed, so have them ready if you plan on applying.

Clan Mooncalf Under New Leader

written by, charish

Clan Mooncalf has been a bit of an interesting feat in it's time in the city. The onlt clan it has actively ever warred with was Clan ArchAngel. But those have long since passed.

This clan was created by the legandary Mooncalf. It was his third clan. BlackHaven Coven and Clan Ellende being his first two. Moonies created and left all three for different reasons. However, his departure from his latest did leave some members upset. But everything in this city moves on, and so did Clan Mooncalf. They took on DeathReaper as their new leader at that time, and continued to go and prosper.

But again things have changed. DeathReaper started making decisions that the clan didn't completely agree with, and so decided it best that he leave. Which brings them to where they are now. Lady RavensQue is the new leader of Clan Mooncalf. She recently made a bit of a name for herself in a few little battles with Dirktou. The clan didn't suffer many loses from the leadership change, but it is adjusting none the less. I guess the next thing to do is congratulate RavensQue, and wish her well. We are all waiting to see what the future now holds for Clan Mooncalf.


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