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January 19, 2004

Lucius's Little Truths

by Lucius

#89. Don't get into fights with the evil ones; they have nothing to lose.


written by, charish

Dirktou has officially retired from it all. He knows his time of greatness in the city has passed. He has seen and done much during his time here and will be missed greatly. Dirk hung up his warrior days, and announced that his son would be taking his place soon. So, no more Dirktou lurking about trying to get you. His final request to his friends, was to welcome and help his son along.

An end to the fighting.... for now?

written by, Morgana the Faerie Queene

For days upon days Capadocious and Archangel have been duking it out all over RavenBlack City. In virtually every hall or institution you can find missives from the two of them ripping at each others throats. It has recently gotten so bad that all progress on making either courts or laws has ground to a halt.

Enter the vampire Vukodlac. He seems to be accomplishing a task of which no one before him was capable. Simply put... he has made the fighting stop. He has seemingly stepped into VampCongress and taken several steps to put that house in order. He has put out a plea to all parties involved in these ongoing disputes about the Courts and laws to give the VampCongress two weeks to sort itself out and create a proper form of government before continuing these debates. Amazingly, all parties seem to be agreeing. All OOC or political conversations have been removed from the City Court and all major Supreme Court Justices have pledged to cease talk on the subject in all forums until VampCongress reforms.

This is of course amazing news... but it leaves this reporter with several questions. Who is this Vukodlac? How did he come to such a position of power so quickly? How is it that every major clan suddenly trusts him without questions to motives? In the end, Vukodlac will prove to be one of two things -the savior of the law system of RavenBlack City... or the newest tyrant in the City. Only time will tell about how well this newcomer to the political scene will fare and what his eventual goals may be. I certainly wish him the best of luck and I hope that the issue of governmental problems can end once and for all.

Ballot Stuffing?

written by, Morgana the Faerie Queene

Well, it already seems that Capadocious can't keep the peace. In only a few short hours, Capadocious has managed to stir up another hornet's nest involving Archangel. Yesterday, the mysterious Vukodlac managed to get most of the parties involved in the Court debates to agree to a two week period of silence until the VampCongress had time to work on the issues. Well, today Capadocious, who has not taken the oath of silence, has been ranting all day that Archangel and his associates have been "stuffing the ballots" on the lower court issue in the Halls of RavenBlackBlood. Capadocious insists that Archangel has been sneaking his friends and compatriots into the Great Hall to quietly stuff the ballots and then leave. Archangel has been becoming increasingly frustrated all day long because he has sworn not to discuss this matter for two weeks. Unable to defend himself against these accusations, Archangel seems to be at the breaking point. So which will last longer - Capadocious' tirades or Archangel's patience?

The Real Story Behind the Shadow Court/Tower of Blood/Police Force Incident

submitted by, gargamel

Many of you believe the war started because of evilive calling Adreadia and Cerridwen stepping in to ask for it to stop. The reason behind the war between Shadow Court and Tower of Blood actually goes as far back as to when Adreadia was still a Senator in the Brotherhood of Blood. In fact it is that which started the war.

There were many things that happened before her departure which actually caused her to leave. She was asked into the BoB by myself and Prince Norman, the other Senator of BoB besides myself, to do the position as head of intelligence. Suffice to say she did not appear to be able at it and it caused more than one argument. Eventually the arguments got to the point where she left, but not before she trashed the halls of the Brotherhood, one of which had been decorated personally by eavanya. She was deeply upset and also furious at this as was I, especially seeing as it was an attempt by Adreadia to get at me, and it did, but only because it hurt my companion at the time, eavanya. It as then that evilive stepped in, after having found out what had happened to eavanya, a close friend of his, and said what he did.

The rest of what happened I believe you all know by now, Cerridwen stepping in, then EB stepping in, and then bloodshed and death. But suffice it to say, if Adreadia had actually done what she was meant to have done in the BoB then the war would have never happened.

Foxhound Plans to Attack Gargamel

submitted by, gargamel

Recently WanderingFools daughter, foolschinadoll, was removed from the Brotherhood of Blood for being a possible liability, her mind being open to intrusion by another vampire, Foxhound. Upon discovering this happening Foxhound swore vendetta, not against the Brotherhood of Blood, but against me personally, for foolschinadolls removal. It has since come to light that Foxhound has been gathering a group of allies of vampires that I have supposedly annoyed during my stay in the city to attack and zero me for this act. The attack however is yet to happen.

Let it be known that there may be those who will join in the attacks against me, but there are a much greater number of those who will join in the attacks of retaliation after I am attacked.

In a related note, the Brotherhood of Blood and the Order of the White Hart have formed an alliance. The Order have declared they will defend me against any attacks made on me by Foxhound.


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