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January 18, 2004

Lucius's Little Truths

by Lucius

#88. Always offend people with style. If you can't, offend them with substance.

More Bodies Hitting the Floor

written by, charish

Well, as mostly everyone knows, there has been some major cat fighting going on between leyland, creperum, and MoonDreamer. Well, it seems as though things have gotten a bit nastier. Creperum made it known, though in an cryptic way, that she had planned on zeroing leyland. Leyland discovered this and was actually relieved because that meant crep wasn't going to try and seduce her.

All of that aside, leyland was seen carrying a body bag earlier tonight. She creeped along slowly dragging the bag through most disgunsting places in the city. Obsevers thought this was a bit strange, but didn't let on. Leyland soon made it clear as to why this was being done though. With a dreadful smirk on her face, leyland states, "crep...what have we told you about picking up your trash?" as she drops the body of MoonDreamer onto the floor.

So how will creperum retailate her companion being zeroed? Will it just turn into a blood bath in the streets? Guess we have to wait and see.

Follow-up to the VNN Exclusive on the Shadow Court/Tower of Blood War

written by, Morgana the Faerie Queene

Since Friday's exclusive story concerning the Shadow Court/Tower of Blood war was released, several parties have come forward to supply additional information that fill in some of the missing pieces of this puzzle. Hopefully this article will serve to shed more light on this subject and allow all sides of the dispute to share their views equally.

Cerridwen, Lady of the Tower of Blood released a long public statement in the halls of RavenBlackBlood to explain her own position. She asserts that this entire conflict began over two series of comments that some members of the Shadow Court perceived as insults. Cerridwen says she repeatedly tried to work out these conflicts through dialogue and assurances that she and the Tower were no threat to anyone but that the representatives of the Shadow Court refused to listen. She further makes a startling claim that "While I had been sleeping two others negotiated my death with the SC and they went even further behind my back and tried to steal my clan from me." It was at this point that Cerridwen felt she needed to have allies. She states "I was approached by a vampire in Archangel clan and one of my members contacted Clan Mooncalf. I hated to ask for help, but I had no choice." She states emphatically that "I never once asked Capadocious for help. It wasn't until the battle had begun that he was approached."

By this point, Cerridwen was near zero as were other members of the Tower. She was apparently given a choice by members of the Shadow Court. Reports as to what this choice actually were differ greatly. Cerridwen claims the choice was to either act as a puppet of the Shadow Court or die, but Lady Ophelia, Lady of the Ferrymen and a Chancellor of the Shadow Court refers to the choice as "a peaceful resolution and a more violent one. After much waiting she was then given a minute to choose. Again, no verbal confirmation. Her reply was HW." Cerridwen confirms she gave no verbal answer to the choice offered, saying "like any true warrior about to face their death, I went in fighting. My response was a holy water."

This, therefore, should end the dispute about an initial "cease-fire" agreement between the Shadow Court and the Tower. Both sides agree there was none. Cerridwen told me in an exclusive interview that "There was never a cease fire prior to jimmymac being attacked. I don't even know where this came from. All I did the next day was tell my members to not attack anyone unless they were attacked first." Ophelia also confirms this in an exclusive interview, stating "jimmymac attacked again, AFTER Cerridwen was zero'd, there by negating any kind of agreement one could have assumed was made." Therefore, there was in fact NO cease-fire between the Tower and the Shadow Court.

The issue of how and why Capadocious entered the battle was also in dispute. Cerridwen publicly stated that the Shadow Court attacked both her and her clan while she was resting, at which time she officially petitioned the Supreme Court for help and both she and her allies at the time to allow Capadocious into the battle. Capadocious, in an exclusive interview with me, made this statement: "All I can say is that the Capadocious Clan had no intentions of attacking the pathetic forces of the Shadow Court that night. We were alerted by our allies that they were striking a blow for justice against a force that would act without honor. We were totally unprepared and most of our members had already used up their APs for the day, but we knew we had to do what was right. We mustered the Warriors that we had online at that moment that had APs and we assisted in the attack on 3 of the members of the Shadow Court. EvilBill, Will der Bauer and Afrogumby."

It was at this moment that talks of a cease-fire began. However, the talks were NOT initiated by the Shadow Court. According to a statement made in the Halls of the RVRC, it was Dirktou who asked first for a cease-fire: "The fact of the matter is that it was me who asked for it because the Caps began attacking Shadow Court members and since we, I joined in when the Mooncalf Clan attacked Will der Bauer, were in the middle of a huge war, the unjust attacks made it impossible to continue on. All members present agreed to the cease fire. The members were DeathReaper, EvilBill, Cerridwen, Ophelia, VampB, and myself." Ophelia personally confirmed this with me, saying "No one from the SC, at any time cried for Capadocious to stop attacking." This, hopefully, will put the rumors of the Shadow Court asking for mercy to rest.

As for the future of the police force gazingdarkness left to Cerridwen after this debacle, Cerridwen states she is unsure of how she will proceed at this time. "He also gave me ownership of that "police force" without even asking if I wanted it, and I don't. But since its been dumped in my lap well I'll find someone to take it over that will do it justice like gazingdarkness would want." All parties I have spoken to have nothing but the highest of praise for gazingdarkness and the courage he displayed during this entire ordeal.

I hope that this follow-up addresses many of the omissions and gaps in the previous story. I also hope that all parties concerned will be able to move on and find peace in themselves and each other.


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