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January 16, 2004

Lucius's Little Truths

by Lucius

No little truths tonight.

VNN EXCLUSIVE - The story behind the ShadowCourt/Tower of Blood/Police force incident

written by, Morgana the Faerie Queene

The City of RavenBlack was rocked yesterday and today with some astonishing repercussions from the Shadow Court/Tower of Blood war that has already claimed the lives of Cerridwen and Adreadia. Details have been sketchy, so several interviews were done in order to give the readers of this paper the fullest possible story concerning these amazing incidents.

It all began shortly after Cerridwen was zeroed by the SC. Recently, gazingdarkness had begun a new arm of the police of RavenBlack City, and together he and Archangel from the NightWatch declared Cerridwen under their protection while she was resting. This is where things get interesting. It seems that Cerridwen put in a call for help to the VampCongress, VampCourt, and the Supreme Court. Although Cerridwen was not available for comment for this article, there is an entry in the Supreme Court logs that does show Cerridwen asking for assistance as early as before the attacks even began. DeathReaper and gazingdarkness both spoke to me for this article and stated that Cerridwen had begun peace talks with the SC after she and Adreadia were zeroed. Both gazingdarkness and DeathReaper understood that some kind of cease-fire agreement between the SC and the Tower was in place at this point and that no more members of the Tower were to be killed. EvilBill apparently was under an entirely different impression as he ordered his armies to attack the next name on his list, jimmymac, Lord of the Tower and Cerridwen's companion.

DeathReaper stated in an interview with me that when he saw jimmymac being attacked he saw this as a breach of the deal Cerridwen had allegedly made with the SC and felt jimmymac "was being picked on." He further states "I did this as an individual, and posted to my clan and gave anyone the option to fight with me that chose... the clan stands behind me, although not all have begun fighting."

However, gazingdarkness, also in an interview with me, stated this is not true, claiming the attacking forces were "Clan Mooncalf not DeathReaper himself." Gazingdarkness further claims that Clan Capadocious then also entered the fray, focusing all their attacks on EvilBill. He claims all of this was a direct result of Cerridwen going to the Supreme Court with this issue, although DeathReaper strongly states that his involvement had nothing to do with the Court: "The Supreme Court had nothing to do with it. Jimmymac was my concern."

At this point, gazingdarkness stepped in and offered help to EvilBill in the form of a cease-fire. Gazingdarkness states emphatically that although EvilBill did accept an offer of help he did not accept a cease-fire and that, when gazingdarkness spoke to Capadocious on this matter, he did so in the name of the police and NOT EvilBill. Capadocious claims differently in a public statement he made, where he says "EvilBill, if your clan hadn't cried for a Cease Fire you would be lying in a pool of your own Blood." EvilBill unfortunately did not have time to comment on these matters save to say "Cap who?". In a public statement, however, EvilBill said this fiery words: "I will not retaliate against a single member of Clan Capadocious, even though Capadocious himself holy watered me... my clan and I do not recognize him or his clan, so the multitude of holywaters they threw on me will be cheerfully ignored."

Gazingdarkness put DeathReaper and Capadocious under arrest and ordered them to appear before VampCourt to answer for the alleged illegal holywatering of EvilBill, despite the fact that EvilBill pressed no charges.

Shortly after these shocking incidents, gazingdarkness, feeling that his involvement with the police force was a conflict with his duties to his Clan, BlackHaven, gave up his post with the police. He informed me in an exclusive revelation that Cerridwen herself has assumed his post as head of the new police unit, and that this unit will be merged with the NightWatch and VampCourt to become a SWAT team of sorts.

Following all this, Dirktou made a public statement banning Cerridwen from the halls of the RVRC, stating this was due to her "crossing from side to side, playing both sides against the other." There have also been hints that Cerridwen may be charged with crimes herself, although details on this remains extremely sketchy.

Some good came of this fiasco, however, as EvilBill and Lady Nikko seem to have buried the hatchet and the war seems to be over now. As this time it is unclear whether any charges or actions will be taken against Cerridwen, DeathReaper, or Capadocious, but we will keep you posted as new developments occur.


written by, Morgana the Faerie Queene

A verbal war has broken out in the Halls of the RVRC which has sparked both the ire and interest of many vampires in attendance. It all began when Leyland meandered into the hall hurling some startling revelations and accusations at some of the females present. She flung a few insults towards the Lady Cerridwen and KALI_ MA, but the bulk of her ire was directed at MoonDreamer. Leyland claims that MoonDreamer was actually sleeping with her own father, WanderingFool, and that the King himself gave his permission to make this fact known! The vampiress eavanya came to the defence of her new companion WanderingFool, which lead to an all out verbal brawl between the two ladies. Surprisingly, though, the fight didn't end there. Both Tian, eavanya's former companion, and Malidictus also entered the fray, airing their own problems out during this long fight. Thankfully, gazingdarkness arrived with some "magic herbs" and managed to calm the crowd down. However, questions still remain - are the accusations against MoonDreamer true? Will Tian and Malidictus be able to mend their differences? Only time will tell how these issues will affect the City in the days and weeks to come.


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