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January 15, 2004

Lucius's Little Truths

by Lucius

#86. Everything I do is futile, but I must do it anyway.

The First Supreme Court of RavenBlack City is Formed

written by, Morgana the Faerie Queene

After much talk by Capadocious, the first ever Supreme Court of RavenBlack City has been formed by DeathReaper, the leader of Clan Mooncalf. Capadocious, DeathReaper and Archangel seem to be the only three clan leaders on board with this idea at present, and are currently discussing the place of this new judicial system in the City. All agree that a lesser court system is needed to try simple cases such as violation of NightWatch rules by individuals, but there is some dissension as to whether of not the current Vamp Court has the "teeth" to handle even these small matters. The consensus is that the Supreme Court would have jurisdiction over larger matters, perhaps even clan vs. clan issues. Between the issue of possibly dismantling Vamp Court, the powers and scope of the Supreme Court, and the fact that many citizens of RavenBlack City do not even recognize the existence let alone the authority of Capadocious... this could prove a tricky and volatile situation. We here at the VNN will keep you posted as more details arise.

The Gallery Expands

written by, charish

Seems as though KALI_MA had managed to lead yet another assult on Lucius. The end result was a new piece of everyone's favorite gutter trash immortalized in the Halls of Lucius' Gallery. This peice shows the most detailed useage of the refuse in the area to bring out the oozing features from our favorite model. To see this latest edition: Art that knows no limits. Keep them coming Lucius. You fans await the next one.

The Halls of RavenBlackBlood are covered in... jello?

written by, Morgana the Faerie Queene

It seems that a massive case of silliness has taken hold of the denizens of the Great Hall of RavenBlackBlood. Many of the vampiresses of Clan Mooncalf have been involved in a massive jello fight for days. The leaders of the Great Jello Uprising seem to be Stacia, Stargazer, Delijha, and Raven, who have gradually taken over and covered the once solemn and sacred hall with layers of multi-colored jello. However, what is truly amazing about this event is that the band of young vixens seem to have lured the self-proclaimed serious and lawful Capadocious himself into this game.

When Capadocious was last seen he was covered in jello and turning on "jello sprinklers" he apparently had installed in the roof of the Hall. Hmmmm...has the self-proclaimed "Prince" gone soft on his citizens, or has he simply gone mad? In any event, any vampires who might be thinking of entering the Great Hall of RavenBlackBlood might want to think again... or at least wear jello-proof clothing.

Another Casualty in the War

written by, Morgana the Faerie Queene

The war between the Shadow Court and the Tower of Blood has seen another casualty. Adreadia was zeroed early this morning by members of Valhalla and her body delivered to the gates of the Tower by EvilBill himself. With some harsh words to Cerridwen, who was herself zeroed last night. EvilBill stated clearly that first was only the first of many bodies that would be sent to the Tower in such a fashion: "You should know me by now witch, I will not stop, I will kill them one after another until you are dead and your clan is no more. There will be no peace for you or any who give loyalties to your name." So the only question now is... who will be the next to fall?


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