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January 14, 2004

Lucius's Little Truths

by Lucius

No little Truth tonight.

Order Of The Damned

written by, charish

The newest face of evil has come to RavenBlack City. The Order of the Damned has come to city. They make claims at being the oldest form of evil, just simply in a new form. Lord Colbalt is the privaleged, or cursed, ruler of this team. What kind of evil will they show the city? When will they make themselves felt in full force? But more importantly, who do they plan on using as an example for us all to see?

Cerridwen Killed

written by, charish

The Lady of the Tower fell tonight in battle with the Shadow Court. I don't not have all the details at this time, but Cerridwen has been zeroed. She went down in a heated battle, all for standing up for what she believed in. The Shadow Court will most likely be moving on to their next victim within the Tower of Blood. Only time will tell. May Cerridwen have a good rest and come back to us in time.

Expanding the Staff

written by, charish

I am pleased to announce that VNN has a new intern, Morgana the Faerie Queene. She will be interning here with us a few days out of the week. If all goes well, she will become a full time staff member, if she desires. Welcome Morgana, may internship be pleasant.

Found Outside the Office

written by, charish

As I was unlocking the office to work tonight, I noticed a small envelope taped to the door. Personally, I didn't think much of it until I read it. This is the full contents of the letter:

had a friend who wanted to vist cap's castle. (He needed to use the bathroom real bad ) . The castle was a blue space so he used a scroll so he could enter and leave a present for cap. Within 24 hours he was hunted down by Virgil an sprayed with holly water and warned not scroll the castle again. Does this sound like the actions of a former member of a clan or of a active member of a cap's clan.. Sounds like Black Haven has added a spie. Just thought you might find this information interesting.
A little bird

Now, I'm not quite sure what to make out of this. Does this mean that BlackHaven has a spy in it, or that possibly the little bird has some dates wrong? I don't know, but I thought I'd share it with all of you.


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Travellers Guild 3 - Horror and 61st

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