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March 19, 2003



Cap Wants Raven Black


Capadociuos has offered Raven Black a spot in his clan today.  However, as with all Cap’s offers, this one comes with a bit of warning.  Cap can be quoted as saying, “Capadocious is power hungery and knows that no matter how many clans he destroys he will be in the shadow of RB if he doesn’t take him down.”  What this means is:  If Raven Black refuses to join, he is Cap’s newest target.



Blood Spawn VS. Clan Savage


It seems that Blood Spawn has become very interested in the clan games started by Mooncalf.  With the games coming to a close in a few weeks, he has taken it upon himself to attack the lead clan and reduce some of its champions to zero blood points.  However, members of Clan Savage will not stand for this.  It seems to have become a bit personal, in some of the mud-slinging.  I will have updates as they become available.



The Death of Will der Bauer


I would like to report to the audience, that after the submission by Will der Bauer to VNN, he was found dead by a wondering Human in the same warehouse that he had written from.  A most unfortunate turn of events.


Will der Bauer will be remembered by his friends!!

The vampire Will der Bauer is now dead.  He will go into deep sleep for a matter of weeks and feast on humans alone.  He did this for his vampirekin, to inspire them to rid this city of  tyranny. He was also very effective in demonstrating how vulnerable the caps are.  

Got questions you need answered?  Come and visit the ghost of Mooncalf!  Located at Gypsum and 78th, all are welcome!


Notte Scura:  Why not go were fashion sits?  Check it all out here!


Don’t like the Capadocious Clan? Want to show them they aren’t really in charge?  Join the fight, be an assassin today! Interested?




Thieves Guild 1 – Yuksporite  and 29th

Thieves Guild 2 – Bleak and 84th

Thieves Guild 3 – Diamond and 33rd

Immolators Guild 1 – Wulfenite and 76th

Immolators Guild 2 – Woe and 54th


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