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January 10, 2004

Lucius's Little Truths

by Lucius

#83: Blood wouldn't be so important if everybody didn't want some.

Grand Opening of the Newest Art Gallery

written by, charish

Lucius has just announced the grand opening of his newest art exhibit. It is currently only on display for a short time, but if the display proves to be a big enough crowd pleaser, he will be keeping it on longer for us all to enjoy. The gallery includes the remains of one KALI_MA in various parts of the city at various times. The selection in each pice is quite exquisate. Most feature KALI_MA dead in a gutter, but each one has it's own special charm to it. My personal favorite is the one with Lucius grinding his heel into the back of KALI_MA's head as rancid sewage flows over her face. If you would like a better look at this wonderous gallery, you can do so here: Lucius's Latest Work.

Loss and New Birth

written by, charish

obsidean was greatly saddened today by the loss of CHASS and her owns newest childer, RooZ. They had tried to do everything within their power to make RooZ feel welcome into the city and the life of vampirism. Their attempts where for nothing. Today Rooz passed, unable to live this life. Siddy was much heartbroken from this turn of events, but there might still be hope. In RooZ's death, a new vampire was born. The name of this fledgeling is blaZe. His growth so far has been quite good, but only time will tell if he can make it in this life.

Disgruntled Model

written by, charish

Seems as though the lovely corpse of a model, KALI_MA, is not very fond of Lucius' latest gallery. She is upset at being used and made into a joke. Vengance must be had on her insulter. The plans? Hire some assassins to shower Lucius daily. After all, how else to feed an ego, then to give it lots of attention, right? Personally, I think this upstart bad girl wanna be, just doesn't have the backing for her big mouth. So what do you do when this happens? Hide behind someone dumb enough to actually listen to the non-sense coming forth from a mouth of lies. Here's some friendly advice KALI_MA, cry to those of us that actually care what you have to say.

Assassin Guild ... 2?

written by, PersonMan

A new Assassin's Guild has slyfully made it's appearance. Little is known, but it suggests that it might, maybe, at some point promise "revenge, or just plain any other vampire looking." The Leader(?) of the group can be contacted through email at . In the opinion of this reporter is that it's either a really good secret organization in the works, or, given it's suspicious nature, a way for "somebody" to find out who's on who's side or something like that. Who doesn't love paranoia really? Anyway, I suggest anyone who takes up the offer to use an alternate email, at least. Good luck.


written by, PersonMan

The Empire of Eternal Darkness has set into motion a policy that condones members from participating in attacking the Capadocious Clan. No longer labelled as a mere "ghost clan led by the unnamed," from now on they are simply to ignore the clan's existance, by re-embersing attacked members for necromancer charges, and anyone zeroed by Cap's group will not be considered "zeroed," and won't be required the standard rest period thereafter. Wow, this sounds like some sort of legal document, hooray... woops I ruined it, oh well. Anyone who attempts retaliation for attacks will be removed from the Empire, denied necromancer re-embersment, and "possibly used for target practice for trainees and anyone who is bored and restless." Apparently the Empire's administrators were recieving a lot of questions on the matter, so this attempt to resolve them is likely to be successful... except for the fact that it won't be hurting the Cap clan at all and... well... it's not getting any weaker. What fun is War if you're not allowed to shoot the bad guys?


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Travellers Guild 3 - Horror and 61st

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