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January 9, 2004

Lucius's Little Truths

by Lucius

#81: Fight Crime: Shoot back.

#82: In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities.
In the expert's mind there are few.

When will you ever listen to the experts, Gargamel?

The Changes Here

written by, charish

As I mentioned last night in my posts to let it known that we were back up and running, there are going to be some changes going on here. Firstly, I will be going through the classifieds section and cleaning it out this week. What that means is, if you still want your add up and running, you need to contact us with either a new advertisement, or a request to keep the currnet one running. Also, I was discussing whether or not I should keep the clan ads up. They are horribly out of date, and I'm not sure if they are even used by anyone. On this matter, i would like some input, so I will be creating some polls on RBB and RVRC concerning this matter. The results of the poll will determine the outcome. As always, I am looking for help here at VNN. There are lots of areas of the city that PersonMan and myself cannot cover. There is just too much. So what I am looking for is a couple of new reporters to report from certain boards so that more places are represented here.

Also I would like to extend my thanks to Thali for re vamped layout that was created last night. I quite like most parts of it (I missed the pre-tweaking edition though). So if you could please contact me via yahoo messanger, we can talk more about it. My yahoo id is charish669.

Dirktou Zeroed

written by, charish

Well, Cap's mock court, finished the task it set out to do. Dirktou has been "killed" in the eyes of Cap's Court. However, no one cares. The estimated cost at discount prices has been figured out. So for our own amusement:
21 attackers
29 holy waters
450 sot's/142 hits=31.5%
The weapons alone come out to 198,100 coins. I've estimated around 15 tele's used which, at 3500 a pop, brings the grand total of 'bringing me to justice' 250K!!

Comments from Dirktou:
I don't know about you all, but that is sure a hell of a price to pay to be who they want to be, lol!!

After about 4 or 5 unlawful 4k bp vamps are 'brought to justice', the bringers would be bankrupt, lol!!
End Dirktou's comments.

So basically, Cap's Court wasted a crap load of coins, to ensure that justice was served. But was it really worth it? Will the attackers be getting any type of compensation for their work and supplies used? For some reason, I doubt that they will. I guess in the end, this is turning into a penis messuring contest, and Cap has come up short again, so he's taking his frustration out on the guy with more balls.

Capadocious Cleared

written by, PersonMan

The charges on Cap dealt with last night concerning the zeroing of Driktou have been dropped. Vampcourt refused to try him for the attack, and it seems Archangel forgot to read him his rights or something, so Cappy gets off with less than a slap on the wrist. One of those who he was being charged for attacking, What The, attacked Archangel himself for reasons yet unknown, so it looks like the charges dealing with What The are void now too. All this confusion over an attempted court hearing, no wonder everyone thinks Cap's invinsible.

VampCourt Castrated

written by, PersonMan

Archangel announced today that the NightWatch no longer will be aligned with VampCourt. Arch's general displeasure on their handling of things (like Cap's case), as well as the passive nature of VampCourt proved it to be unsuitable for a police force to aid. Archangel's striving for order in this city, as he claims, cannot be attained through this Court, lacking all it's "bite." The NightWatch will continue on it's previous vigilante-type system, keeping an eye on everyone without some judges to stop it from doing what it does. This unsurprising turn of events begs the question: How is VampCourt supposed to enforce anything now?


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