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January 8, 2004

Lucius's Little Truths

by Lucius

#80: Too many freaks, not enough circuses.

The Capadocious Court rules on the case Rhiannon v. Dirktou

written by, charish

It seems as though in Cap's mind Dirktou is still under his control. A few months back, there was a splitting in the city. A new faction rose up, now know as the RVRC, Dirktou was the founder of this. The purpose of the RVRC is simply for citizens that are tired of being under the rule of Capadocious. All is fine, the city moves on.

Well, it seems as though Cap has forgotten this, and put Dirktou to trial for his actions against a young vampire, that took place in Dirktou's branched off part of the city. Since theses actions take place in a part of the city Cap has now control over, how is it that he can put someone to trial?

Anyways, here are the details from the trial:
Facts of the Case:
Rhiannon a vampire and citizen of this city filed a complaint with the Ruling Court of RavenBlack City. She officially charged Dirktou with the crime of attempting to silence her claiming "he (Dirktou) attacked me without warning or provocation". The court heard both sides of the case. Dirktou stated "not that it matters, either way, but I felt like silencing a mouthy vamp that butted in on somebody's else's convo altogether, then insulted to a point that pissed me off, in fact, her friend insulted to a point of being banned from the rvrc for a week."
The Court ruled 6-2 that the conduct of Dirktou was criminal in nature and was an action of violence without provocation against him. Additionally in the punishment phase of the trial the majority vote was that he should be zeroed for his actions. This punishment will be carried out as soon as possible.

Now, what i want to know is who were the ones that actually found Dirktou guilty? Who were the eight on the panel of judges? And does Cap's rule as prince really fall over a branch of the city that has shunned him? So many questions, so little time. But don't worry, we here at VNN will get all the fun and wonderful details.
rhiannon's statement on the matter:
At this time i am withdrawing the complaint that was made in my behalf to the Court by Capadocious concerning Dirktou. At this time i do not go by the courts ruling and wish to have no further contact with the Court or with Capadocious concerning this matter.

The Supreme Court of RavenBlack City

written by, charish

And here are some of the details on this. After the above mentioned "trial" this mystery court, finally revealed itself.
Statement from Cap:

We are currently in the works of making a Supreme Court of this city. The judges will all be equals and will come from the lawful clans. DeathReaper will be the owner of the board that we will judge our cases from. It will be an open board but only Judges will be able to post.

In order to be a Judge on this court you must have the following criteria.
1) You must be the leader of a Lawful Clan
2) You must have a clan powerful enough to enforce judgments passed by the court
3) You must have the full support of your clan to enforce judgments passed by this court

Some of the suggested Justices are:
Lord Livingston

The Court will always have an odd number of justices, if an even number of lawful clan leaders wish to be on the court one will be a reserve justice until another lawful clan leader can join.

Additionally, our court will be considered the highest court of the Vamp Court. We will acknowledge the lesser courts.

We will use the laws of the Vamp Congress in as much as they are good laws and we will over turn laws that are not good.

The Night Watch can be the custodian of the rulings of the lesser courts, in such a way that they should be able to handle the lesser problems of the city. Should they not be able to handle the problem they may address us for assisstance.

All of the rules and suggestions that I have said here are subject to change as the Supreme Court of RavenBlack City forms and makes necessary changes.
End statement from Cap.

Okay, so here's what I think. Cap is trying to regain his former glory. He is still at a loss since the birth of the Shadow Court, and seems to forget, that his most powerful clan in the city is no longer his. Also, there are a couple of names on that list of possible justices that just plain shouldn't be there. Since when is Ali's clan even considered a real clan? Since she has gone on record as stating that her clan is more of a social board, than an actual rp board. Hence, her clan isn't a real clan, thus she shouldn't be on that list. Secondly, Aurora. It was her clan that started the above mess. Now if that just doesn't scream, please let me have the power to mess with more vamps, then I don't know what does. And why has Lucius, Empress creperum, and UnicornDream not been included among those as possibilities for justices? Each one of them is the leader of a powerful clan. Are they to not be considered at all, because they choose to split out from under Cap's continued attempts at tyranny?

Keep in mind that these are the opinions of a reporter. But I do make some good points. How can you have a fair Court system, if you don't include the ones you say you will?

Capadoscious... Arrested!?

written by, PersonMan

Archangel burst in with his watchmen today and promptly took Capadoscious into custody. Recent attacks were to blame for the arrest, with Cap's attacks on the vampires Dirktou, What The, and an attack by one of his men on Archangel himself. This, paired with Capadoscious's long history of causing pain to citizens of the city, proved to be convincing enough to the NightWatch, not to mention the makings of a great publicity stunt. Cap is less than apologetic, of course, especially since he has recieved praise from some for the attacks on Dirk, at least. So, will it die down or is it the makings of a new War? Read tomorrows VNN for more.

Oooooh, There are two of them

written by, PersonMan

Empress Creperum, after losing two of her Emperors, has recently took on another companion. Lady Moondreamer has filled the gaping void left in her heart from her ex's departures, and does something with butterflies that I really want to know now. The makings of a great couple. Without a guy around, who's there to screw it up? Congrats to you, Empress, from all of us at VNN.


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