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March 18, 2003



Changes in the City


In light of current events from the clan wars, a new feature has come to play in the city.  Your action points are dependant on your blood points.  Guess this means no more attacks from ghosts.  On a lighter note, this change has angered one Count Beljeferon.  Because of this change, he is no longer getting the full extent of his powers that he was awarded via a donation.  To fix this problem, all that has to be done is reach 100 blood points and then let yourself fade into the shadows.  Sometimes, the easy answers are the ones that are missed.



VNN Moving Soon


This newspaper has been offered a new home at, and will be moving in during this week.  I will be keeping this site updated with the usually daily issues until everything is worked out at the new site.  Also, the contact address for submissions and general information will be changing.  All back issues of VNN will be edited with the change in contact address.  One, Abby-Chan, is the vampire to thank ever so kindly for the new and better home.  Again, I give you my thanks Abby.


The Battle of der Bauer      

By, Will der Bauer


Will der Bauer retired to sleep in the corner of an old warehouse only awakening to the tear of undead flesh and a wave of magic.   He fought valiantly for hours, spraying his last vials of holy water and turning scrolls on the would be war party MistressAsh, Heimdag, Lucius the Hero, Morganfq, stalker, sodakk, and Drema to name a few.  The numbers were too many for him to bear.  He teleported to a safer location to draw them into one on one combat, or perhaps, stand his ground once more until the end.  At 266 pints of blood, down from 1900, Will der Bauer was exhausted and sat in slumber hoping to catch the prey of humans and rats to feed on.  Unfortunately, a party led by the vampire MistressAsh hit Will der Bauer.


After a brief nap, Will der Bauer was awaken by Drema and her noisy feet.  He sat and waited, and when she was upon him, two turning scrolls and bounced her cap-smelling ass a few blocks away.  Lucky for him, she reeked of Capadocious.  His only hope is to rest and attack with fangs a blazing.  He will do so.

During his conflict this day, more Capadocian Vampires than he could count swarmed Will der Bauer.  Even a few which may have been born out of spite:

Drema is sire to 5 other vampires, including: drice_123 (3 pints), drice_321 (3 pints), taitchuk, whore, Wills bitch


He tallied they must have spent near 100k or more in preparation and during their attack.  Flattered, Will der Bauer, just shrugged, and wondered...if he was such a minor nuisance, why the effort to kill the vampire who was hired to assassinate their beloved queen?  He figured this was not such a small task, as was indicated.  This task did gain the vengeance of the Capadocians.  She was their Queen, was she not?


So he sits, resting, preparing for his demise, which is sure to come.  The question in everyone’s mind is when.  Drema reminded him kindly, “You Will Die Tonight” or words thereof.  It is a shame he thought, for the enemy is from with in.  We shall see.






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Thieves Guild 1- Yuksporite and 29th

Thieves Guild 2 – Bleak and 84th

Thieves Guild 3 – Diamond and 33rd

Immolators Guild 2 – Woe and 54th




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