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September 8, 2003

Lucius's Little Truths

by Lucius

Little Truth #14 was a lie.

Open Membership to Clan Mooncalf

written by, Devil Miyu

Tsk. Tsk. Mooncalf once again makes headlines, huh? Well in this issue, our dear "moonie" announced that:
We have open membership for the first 13 applicants!

The Benefits: We have a life-blood source that gains around 3000 blood points per day which we rotate around the clan. When it is your turn, or when you are under attack, you WILL gain anything between 2000 and 4000 pints in one day!

The Clan: We are a small, new clan that prides ourself on friendship and fun in the game. We are neither evil, nor good, but we will not hesitate to help our clan family if they come under attack from ANY quater.
If you want to improve your Vampires stats or powers,
If you want to join a fun clan, rather than a serious, boring one,
If you want to make some really good friends and maybe fight along side them while we try to make our clan better, then join Clan Mooncalf!

Confusion Runs Amuck

written by, Devil Miyu

Two things, folks..."Shadow" and "BloodLust". I own and moderate the RavenBlack Bloodlust yahoo group and I usually sign my name on all the boards I belong to as:

~devil Miyu
Keeper and Protector of The Shadow Realm

I just want to say that I am in no way affiliated or associated with The Shadow Court. The Shadow Realm is not a branch or a subsidiary of said Court.

I am also not responsible or associated with The Bloodlust Night Club. I've received a couple of emails inquiring about this. Recently someone in RavenBlack city left messages on the screen with a link to the Night Club. A few vampires were rather annoyed by all this. I don't know what to say except that the club has nothing to do with the actual RavenBlack BloodLust group. Okay?


written by, Devil Miyu

Due to recent spamming and junkmails sent by various vampire members of RavenBlack city, I am no longer accepting any emails from anyone unless they are listed on my filtered group. If any of you want to submit something to the VNN, either email it to PersonMan or to Charish. I am working on an email submission form for the VNN. I should have that up and running soon so that the residents of the Asylum would remain undisturbed.


written by, Devil Miyu

I recently got this in my inbox from someone called ""...Not sure who is currently running VNN but can you place this in your next issue
explains it all :D Thankyou


Are your urges getting to you? Do you need to get rid of sexual fustration, or just have some fun? This group is intended for mature (18 and over) audiences.

Attention journalers. Do you have a LiveJournal or a account? If you do, well then you are in luck. RavenBlack's official Vampire community is up and running in both LiveJournal and The commnity is called "Lost in Shadows", affectionately called the LiS. Why don't you stop by and pay them a visit? Lost In Shadows in LiveJournal. Also if this suits your needs, there is one located in Lost In Shadows in Deadjournal

A collection of stories about vampyres, brave warriors, and fun, naughty goings on of the inhabitants of RavenBlack City. Set whenever, where ever, and however of any size, genre, and rating, it is a sound group of stories compiled together, and edited to perfection for your viewing pleasure. RavenBlack: The Chronicles

Notte Scura: Why not go were fashion sits? Check it all out here!

Looking to get powers? Want to build some vampire muscle or skill? Come to The Dojo, a place of teaching and training for the vampires of Ravenblack City.

There is a new group in town, but it is not for all you Vamps out here (there are enough of those popping up), It is for your Human. I figured it was about time my Human got out and socialized a bit with others of her kind, so hopefully some of you will take your Humans by for a chat sometime.

Not for the eyes of children: Have you ever come across a vampire named something like OneBigTesticle? Would you like to see that vampire taught a valuable lesson in respect? That is the aim of this group. We seek out vampires with offensive names and work together to put them out of our misery. ;) Check it all out here! Check out the sister site here!

Don’t like the Capadocious Clan? Want to show them they aren’t really in charge? Join the fight, be an assassin today! Interested?

Bloodbar - tavern for the vampires of ravenblack to relax, sip some blood wine..and be merry. Check it all out here!

Politically incorrect and proud of it: RBB Debate.

For insult free, non clan war roleplaying, join us at:RavenBlack Awakening.

For the older residents of the city, come and play at:RavenBlack Adults.Just about anything goes!

The Chill : Non-clan chat for Vampires!

Come to the Vampire Underground. It is where we can all be free. All are welcome.


Thieves Guild 1 - Aardvark and 1st

Thieves Guild 2 - Beech and 20th

Thieves Guild 3 - Sorrow and 81st

Immolators Guild 1 - Tapir and 55th

Immolators Guild 2 - Chagrin and 17th

Immolators Guild 3 - Turquoise and 98th

Empaths Guild 1 - Larch and 25th

Empaths Guild 2 - Bleak and 95th

Empaths Guild 3 - Fir and 77th

Travellers Guild 1 - Tapir and 42nd

Travellers Guild 2 - Zelkova and 17th

Travellers Guild 3 - Vexation and 44th

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