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September 6, 2003

Lucius's Little Truths

by Lucius

#19: Honor is like blood spread; it grows cold and stale after a while.

#20: A death blow is a life blow to some.

Rank Name Confusion

written by, Devil Miyu

There's been a bit of confusion out there regarding the 10th rank aka 2500 BPs rank. In a recent email, RavenBlack told me that he changed the name of the 10th rank from "Count" to "Ancient".

To quote what RavenBlack said in the email he sent me... "I changed the name of that rank, to make it gender-unspecific. So now there is no Count rank."

Letter to the Editor: The Truth Behind Rumors.

submitted by, Wander

Dear Editor,
It is somewhat widely known that on September 1, Redsgoddes and I were kicked out of Clan de Beljeferon. Or rather more to the point, I was unsubbed because I was never more than a guest anyway. It was my wife, Redsgoddes who was kicked out rather unceremoniously I might add. She tried to log in and found she had been unsubbed. I say she was kicked out as she was a House Leader within the clan. The leader of the financial house to be exact.

As such, it was her job to gather coin by both robbing on her own and from other clans members to support the training function of the Clan. As far as I or anyone else can tell she performed her duties admirably and kept very good records of each and every transaction. And when she needed to be away from her post for personal reasons, she appointed her second in command to fulfill her responsibilities. She was commended for the good job she did not only by the members of clan but by her Liege, Duke Beljeferon himself. So why then, if she did such a good job was she kicked out of the clan?

On the evening these events occurred, she and I both had individual AIM conversations with the Duke to find out why the actions had been taken. His response to her was that he had taken this action so that she would not have to choose between him and myself WHEN I decided to leave to form my own clan. Further he told her that my efforts to "take my Clan when he leaves" were not amusing to him. He continued on to tell her I had hatched plots which dishonored him horrendously. He was giving she and I his blessing to go out and form our own clan.

He told me, the reason I was removed as an Honored Guest from his clan was that I had dishonored him, that I held him in contempt and had been plotting behind his back to form my own clan and take members of his clan from him. Is any of that true? Perhaps, but it truly depends on the way you look at things. I was never a member of his clan and as such did not need his blessing to do anything, much less form my own clan. I've not liked several of Beljeferon's actions. I've often thought he did things to benefit himself rather than his clan. I never supported the idea of the Neutrality power which he touted as his own personal project and then strongly suggested his members get, even when it was shown it would be bothersome to the way many of the houses within the clan functioned. And I did criticize him in private for many of these actions. Is that contempt? Perhaps. I spoke in private to Redsgoddes about not appreciating the way Beljeferon and other leaders were trying to recruit me into their clans. As I told them over and over, I do not like clans and had no wish to join one. Is that contempt? Perhaps. I did speak in private to Redsgoddes and other members of the Clan de Beljeferon about forming a new group, saying it was time for me to be a leader and not a follower. Several of the clan members expressed an interest in leaving the clan to possibly form the new group with me. There was at least one occasion as well where I asked a member of the clan if they were happy with their position and the way the clan was being run. When they told me they were happy, I told them I would trouble them no more about the matter. Is this contempt? Is it plotting? Perhaps.

The truth of the matter is that on September 1 when Redsgoddes and I found ourselves unsubbed, there was no new group, no new clan and no one leaving to join me including Redsgoddes. Now, my plan had been to leave the Clan Keep, where I had taken up temporary residence before our marriage, in the week or so following our wedding. I was to take up permanent residence in my Castle, outside the City. Redsgoddes and I had discussed this and the probability that she would leave the clan to join me. However, we had also been trying to find a way to break the news to Beljeferon gently, as Redsgoddes looked up to him as an adopted father. So it was never in our plans to simply leave and leave the clan in a lurch so to speak. But in one fell swoop. In one hasty decision, Beljeferon closed the book on both of us. It was insulting to me that he didn't at least speak to me about it but since I'd always maintained I was not a member of the clan, I suppose it was technically not required. And indeed when I spoke to Beljeferon about it, we both agreed we'd not operated with the best of methods. But to assume he knew the mind of his adoptive daughter and house leader in his clan and took the decision from her hands without consulting her first was devastating to her. She never dishonored him. In all her dealings with me, her obligations to the clan and to Beljeferon himself, were at the forefront of her thoughts. In one motion, all her rights and responsibilities were stripped and she was not even accorded a position of honored guest within the clan. Essentially she was cast out to fend for herself. Why? So she would not have to choose between him and me.

For my part, I feel I helped out the clan a great deal. Even though not a member, I twice revenged attacks on member's of the clan. In addition, my family and I donated over 34,000 coins to the clan through Redsgoddes when they were trying to build their bank accounts for training purposes. And when a key house needed help, I agreed to lend a hand and do what I could to train young vampires just coming into the clan. I also negotiated with certain warring factions to protect the innocent members off the clan from attack. I would think all of this would have earned me a consultation at least. But I understand Beljeferon's actions even if I do not agree with them. But now it is apparently not enough that we have been cast out. Now a rumor has been floated from within the clan that when Redsgoddes left, she took much of the clan treasury with her. And this is simply not true. Redsgoddes had amassed her own fortune while she was performing her duties for the clan. She can account for all the moneys given her by other members of the clan as well as what she herself gathered for the clan. And ALL those moneys were given out prior to her being cast away from the clan.

So now I have offered my/our version of the truth in an effort to quell the rumors. So if anyone has another viewpoint they can now present it in public, to my face rather than hiding like cowards behind rumor and innuendo. I can be reached by email at

Wander - Lord de La Vientos
Devoted and Loving Husband
of Countess Redsgoddes - Lady de La Vientos


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