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March 17, 2003



Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Today is a day to celebrate.  Holidays are so much fun.  Hope no ones drinks too much at the bars.  We’ve been hard enough on those poor bartenders already.



The Wedding of Ophelia and Lucius


This joyous Capadocian event took place at 7:45 pm (est).  The priest, none other than Cap himself, preformed a Wiccan marriage ceremony for these two.  Many guests were quite drunk and disorderly, but remained quiet and reserved for the ceremony itself.  The happy were seen in much bliss through out the evening.  I was asked kindly not to report about the reception, so I will respect those wishes in light of the happy occasion.  May Lucius and Ophelia be happy in their eternity.



Clan Rankings Update


There’s only two weeks left to go for this season of the clan rankings and here is how it all stands:

Clan Savage is resting in first place with a gain of 1030 pints.  Dark Lotus is bringing in second with 295 pints gained.

The champion amidst the champions is Motorola with a gain of 1563 pints gained in a two week time period.  The last ranked vampire champion is Road Wytch with a total loss of over 5000 pints.



A Retraction


I had a story submitted to me yesterday about Count Beljeferon.  I have to print a retraction to that story based on another side of the story.  And here it is:  The un-named vampire was not attacked by Count Beljeferon, just thrown out of the clan.  I was asked not to print the vampire in questions name, because they wish no unwanted attention from this and just wish for it to be over and done with.


Submitted Articles



A Love Affair for All Eternity

by Michelle Peare

As many of our readers are aware, a new woman has been romantically linked with Lord Darkkweaver of the Capadocious Clan. But who exactly is this mystery woman?  This intriguing enigma, known only as Harem Princess, granted me the following interview:

Michelle Peare:  So, before we begin this interview, I guess that Harem Princess isn't your real name.

Harem Princess:  No, it is my nom d'amour, for Sheik Dark has swept my heart away like the winds of the desert, and taken me to his tent for all eternity.

M:  So, I guess I can call you Harem?

H:  Please do, Michelle.

M:  So how did Darkkweaver you and meet?

H:  Well, it seems that he's always been there.  I've been waiting for the right time to join him, and here I am.

M:  Aren't you concerned that he's been seeing another vampiress from the Capadocious Clan, Pandemona?

H:  Not really.  I mean, why shop at Target's when you can roam Lord and Taylor's?  Now that Dark and I are together again, there is no room for anyone else in each other's hearts except the other.

M:  Well, some of those Capadocian girls are pretty tough.  Aren't you worried?

H:  With Dark to protect me?  Not in the least.  But I'm sure they'll understand there is no one else for Dark except me, and me for him.

M:  Well, thank you very much for your time, Harem.  And there you have one side of the story, readers.





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