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March 16, 2003



A Falling Out


This reporter got some special information for all you Capadocious fans out there.  Turns out that Pan and Blood Spawn had a bit of a fight.  The result:  Blood Spawn got demoted and Capadocious got two new personal bodyguards.  The new guards happen to both be girls and they switched sides because of the lure of evil and a silver tongue.  Those two lucky (?) ladies are none other than Pan and Black Wolf.  What is it all coming to?



New Vamp in Town


Raven Black City has a new member that doesn’t seem to know her way around yet.  This vamp has claimed Darkkweaver as her own.  However, this is causing an uproar from the Capadocious Clan’s women.  They all seem to believe that Pan and Darkk are the item of the night.  But could this new lady in Darkk’s unlife be a secret affair?  Could she just be a poor lost soul attracted by his charms?  I don’t know for sure, but time will tell on this one.



Ongoing Feud Between The Cap Clan and Dirktou….


This report is an interview between this report and Dirktou, apparently the new #1 pain in the Caps Arse….


This interview was given to Dirktou at his request and was done at an undisclosed location where he is presently healing up a bit.


R:  So, why have you called this interview?

D:  First of all, I do this interview with my real name, as Cap knows who I am.  Secondly, since Cap, and his clan now know me, I might as well take my 15 minutes of fame and do something positive with it


R:  OK, (rolls eyes), what do you want to talk about?

D:  Well, I must give kudos, first, to MistressAsh for coming after me the way she did.  Last night, while in my coffin, she hit me with 30 scrolls of turning and a holy water.  That brings her count on me to 38 scrolls of turning and 4 holy waters.


R:  Well, you had to expect this after killing their queen.

D: yes, I did, and maybe, in my naivety, I didn’t expect such a reprisal, but I did expect something.


R:  I heard that you escaped a large-scale attack on you last night.  Doesn’t look that way to me.  Care to explain?

D:  Sure, when I woke up, to see what was going on in the city, there were at least 10 Caps in my vicinity.  I believe that is the large-scale attack that you know of.  Cap himself was even there, along with Pan, Black Wolf, and Heimdag.  When I saw this, I of course, turned tail and ran!!!!  What right-minded vampire wouldn’t, right?


R:  You are right there.  But, what happened after you saw this posse after you?

D:  Well, I debated on whether or not to stay there, take the heat, then get lost in shadows, but decided against it.


R:  What did you do?

D:  I went to the bank.  Withdrew what was there.  Robbed or attempted to rob the Caps around me.  Then, went to the scroll shop that was near and bought all I could.


R:  And then?

D:  I took a train to where I am now.  I thought that I might have bought some time for myself, but the Cap arm reaches far and deep!!  MistressAsh, who I now believe has been appointed to take me out, found me, and did a lot of damage, as you can see.


R:  Yes, I see that.  You look horrible!!!!

D: I feel horrible, but I am still alive, which is the upside I guess.


R:  So now what?  What will Dirktou do?

D:  Well, after discussing my situation with some of my shadowed pals, we have come up with a plan.


R:  What is that?

D:  Muhahahaha, I’m not going to tell you that!!  I may be a crazy vampire for taking on the Cap clan with few numbers, but I’m not stupid!!  What a dumb question to ask me!!!! 


R:  It was one that had to asked.  I really didn’t expect you to answer it.



This concludes the interview with Dirktou. 



Submitted Articles


Trouble in Paradise

By Michelle Peare

 It seems that weddings aren't blissful for everyone.  The upcoming wedding between Viscount Andronicus and the Lady Creperum, daughter of Count Beljeferon de Centari has caused at least one expulsion from House Andronicus.  The reason for the expulsion of an unnamed vampiress remains unknown, although suspicions range from a poorly timed laugh to an illicit affair between the unnamed vampiress and the groom to be.  The expulsion of the unnamed vampiress was followed by an attack on her with holy water and scrolls of turning, led by none other than Count Beljeferon de Centari himself.  It seems Capadocious is not the only vampire in the city who wants to be an all-powerful dictator.



Clan Savage Launches Limited War

by Michelle Peare

Clan Savage has launched limited attacks against select members of Clan Capadocious.  The victims of these attacks included the senior leadership of Clan Capadocious, such as Lord Heimdag af Gyllenstier.  Usually reliable sources in Clan Savage stated that the attacks were restricted due both to the limited resources available to Clan Savage and the fear of massive retaliation by the Capadocians.  No comments were available from Clan Capadocious at the time of this story.







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