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August 1, 2003

Lucius Returns

written by, charish

Lucius has returned from his visit in the Shadowlands. He was brought back by the love of his Lady Ophelia and the thoughts and words of his FerryMen. He has seen what this Dynasty can do and it has made him proud to be a Capadocian, yet again. Welcome back to the fold Lord Lucius.

Question and Answer Conference Scheduled

submitted by, Shadow Matrix

Due to the recent increase in new vamps running amok who are not receiving the correct information and/or not receiving ANY info on how to play this game, a new experiment is being tried. At 1pm Central Standard Time on this Sunday, a Yahoo conference will take place in which myself and a representative of the Assassin's Guild will be on hand to answer any and all questions regarding the game.

This session will be open TO EVERYONE IN THE GAME, NOT JUST THE ASSASSIN GUILD MEMBERS. Since I have yet to contact the FTA board and discuss the possibility of doing this on their board, it will be done via Yahoo conference. I have noticed that time and time again on the FTA/Dojo/RBB board the same questions are being asked numerous times and this way, hopefully, we can get everyone on the same page at the same time. If all goes well, a regularly scheduled session will take place.

THIS IS NOT MEANT AS A RECRUITMENT SESSION NOR A STAGING GROUND FOR CLAN HOSTILITIES. It will be a neutral ground where everyone may join and there will be no favoring one clan over another. If a question is asked regarding a specific clan, then perhaps a contact name can be given to the person for further information.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO JOIN THE CONFERENCE. Please YIM me at shadow_matrix0101 or e-mail me at so when the session takes place I'll be able to invite everyone who wishes to join. I wanted to make this an open forum in the Guild chat room, but that would keep those who are not members of the Guild from joining in. Please pass the word to other vamps who may not have access to this board about the session.

Sunday, August 3rd, 1pm Central Standard Time. YIM i.d. to contact shadow_matrix0101 or This message will be repeated again tomorrow and possibly Sunday. Thank you for your time and patience in reading this.


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