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March 6, 2003


VNN Under New Ownership


          I, Charish, have recently become the “owner” of the Vampire News Network.  The ownership has come to because poor Gothier has fallen ill, and can no longer keep up with the dealings in the city. I will try to keep this publication as neutral as possible (given my membership to the Black Haven Coven), but if you feel as though this is not the case contact me and I will work something out.  For now, I hope you all enjoy this because I am doing it for you, the inhabitants of the city.


Truce Coming to a Close


          The cease fire between the Cap Clan and Black Haven is coming to a close.  Minor incidents have been occurring throughout the city on each of the clan’s members.  Some of which were accidental some of which were not.  The Cap clan has been seen gathering around train stations and banks, as well as blocking off shops and pubs to the rest of this fair city’s inhabitants.  Black Haven has been keeping to themselves and not doing anything “noticeable.”  A large attack on Black Haven’s leader, Witchy Rune, is believed to be the main attack that the Cap Clan will be performing upon the first hour that the cease fire has come to a close.  At this current time, neither clan leader is available for comment.  More to come as it develops.



Strange Happenings


          Several humans have gone missing.  One of whom was the bank president.  The human police are baffled and have found out nothing.  However, since the president’s mysterious disappearance, banks have been open much later in this city.  Human police suspect that the bank president has been kidnapped and are waiting for word from the kidnappers.  Aren’t humans just so cute sometimes?  It’s almost a pitty they are food, as they are so very amusing.






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