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Vetis - Demonological Study of 'The Tempter'

This site is dedicated to the study of the Demon Vetis, or the 'Tempter of the Holy'. VERY little is known about Vetis, but from personal accounts gathered by myself and others, I have accumulated much information.

Biography of Vetis
Vetis and his Forms

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  • Do NOT, no matter what, give into his offerings or demands, no matter how tempting they may be. Most attempts to rid yourself of Vetis results in damage or possibly even death.

  • IF YOU WANT TO REMOVE VETIS FROM YOUR BODY YOU MUST NOT SPEAK WITH HIM. Continous speaking and bonding with Vetis will cause you to fall deeper into his grip. He tries everything he can to tempt you to the point of either suicide or homicide (Killing yourself or others). Sometimes, if you are too deeply involved with Vetis, you cannot escape him. Those he has killed (There are no Official records of him killing anybody, except my and others word) are usually covered in splinters or bruises. Sometimes burns or removal of the tongue are present, depending on how much he hates you, or how much he hates to hear you talk.

  • DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PURPOSELY CONTACT VETIS. Unless of course, you are very powerful in magick or other anti-demon techniques or spells. If you are contacted by him first, do not speak with him, ignore him as long as you can. Eventually, he may just go away, or get mad where he leaves himself weak and frustrated. At this time he is most easily removed.

    (If you are unsure if Vetis is the Demon you have contacted/been possessed by, visit the Vetis bio and forms pages plus other resources on this site to get information that can help you find out. Vetis usually takes certain forms, so it is a + to read it. Thank you)

    (Note: This is not an actual picture of Vetis, but is the closest thing I could come to as similarity to his features of his face.)