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!!!!!Veronica's Homepage!!!!!


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Welcome to my hompage my name is Veronica, and I did this site so I can post my own poems and stories and I also want my friends or you to also post your own stories or poems or pics that you might want to see it on this site. Well I hope this site works out ok and not suck that much, but I try not to. This site is underconstruction so don't get pissed off that thers's nothing here so come back later for more stories and poems from me and also from my friends. Thank You for stopping by.

Hey peeps if you have any entertaining news about something please feel free to e-mail me or make a comment about it. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since I don't really like to read just any story, it has to be horror type of stories, if you are like me maybe these sites would be intresting for you: Spooky Stories,

I was in an accident with a woman at a parking lot from a grocery store for more details Click Here -June 25, 2003

I dedicate this song to my bf Ivan, and I hope u like it:)


We kiss
The Stars
We writhe
We are

Your name
Your flesh
We are

We're so cold
We are so
We're so cold

Your mouth
This words
We laugh
My head