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Welcome to the Jungle! This page has gig diary with what the band (and fans!) thought of the gigs plus the details of upcoming gigs (see top left).

previous chapters...

Lane Cove Band Night (Valhalla headlining, supported by Roan, Better than Nothing, Driver of Screw, ESP)

Synergy Youth Centre, Little St Lane Cove


Played: Electric Blues, Smell the Roses, By My Side, Lady with the Brown Eyes, Alpine Games, Transient, Repaid, Sweet Emotion, Step Away



Michaela’s Party (Mike, Frankie, Alex)

Killara Scout Hall


Played: jazz, funk, covers, blues, happy birthday


Burwood Year 11 Social (w/ DJim, Meridian X)

Burwood Girls’ High School


Played: The Shelf, By My Side, The Moment, Alpine Games, more


Willoughby Street Fair (Valhalla opening act, ahead of Battle of the Bands)

Youth Stage, Spring Street Chatswood


Played: The Shelf, By My Side, The Moment, Alpine Games, Transient, Lady with the Brown Eyes, Sweet Emotion, Repaid, Shattered, Smell the Roses, Electric Blues


“Ignite”( co-headlining w/Regicide, supported by Special Guest)

Fitz Youth Centre, St Ives


Played: Adam and stuff


UNSW Band Comp

UNSW Roundhouse, Kensington


Played: By My Side, Lady with the Brown Eyes, Shattered, Step Away


EP Recording

Noisegate Studios, Castle Hill



Pumphouse Gym Anniversary Partae

Bit Brasserie, Mosman


Played: more stuff


Mom’s 50th Birthday Party

Mike’s Place


Played: stuff


NSBHS/NSGHS Senior Dance

AF Henry Hall, Crows Nest


Played: By My Side, The Shelf, covers (with random monkey singers), Shattered


Shoreshocked (Valhalla opening act followed by Fixation, Lady Peroxide, Bastian, Regicide, Cog, Resin Dogs)

St Leonards Park, Crows Nest


Played: The Shelf, By My Side, The Moment, Let it Slide, Shattered, Smell the Roses, Electric Blues, Step Away


Fbi Radio: Demos and Interview

Fbi radio place


Played: Smell the Roses (acoustic), The Shelf (live bootleg)


Preshocked (w/ Before the Storm, Overpass, The Outfit, Bastian)

Fitz Youth Centre, St Ives


Played: The Shelf, By My Side, The Moment, Alpine Games, Smell the Roses, Electric Blues, Step Away

Mike: Played a loud and crazy set to a loud and crazy audience. Grant and I were a little disheartened by a few slipups with some relatively new and raw songs, yet the response was great! The funky punky nutters Bastian gave us a yell when they played- evidently they enjoyed the harmonica and “light show” too. Somehow we ran away with second place, thus earning us a berth at Shoreshocked! Yee haw! Half the work was done by our friends and family, thanks to them for the high decibel support.


Grant’s Party

Killara Scout Hall


Played: x

Mike: Long and fun musical adventure. Left me wanting to play more!


Mike’s Party

Mike’s House


Mike: Just some jams with the band and some other mates. Yeah!


Ryde District SRC Presentation Night

Ryde Secondary College


Played: The Shelf, Step Away

Mike: Invited to play here as the incumbent Battle of the Band champions we were helped out at the set up by Wally, who expunged the virtues to me of being prepared and acquiring gaffer tape before gigs. This was a learning experience for sure!

After a lengthy set of speeches and awards, we took to the stage before an unlikely crowd of school principals and student representatives…and proceeded to present a less than spectacular show! Sound was a little fuzzy during the shelf so it was hard to keep track of the riff back into the chorus and by Step Away the bass drum had escaped me and was on its way to join Grant at the front of the stage. Got through alright however and enjoyed delightful feedback on the harmonica flourish. Overall, not really our kind of crowd, but good for experience- we’ll make sure we choose more carefully which SRC reps play Frankie’s egg shaker on stage with us next time!


Ryde District Battle of the Bands (w/ Horrific Scenario, …)

North Sydney Boys’ High School, Crows Nest


Played: The Shelf, Step Away (Encore: Electric Blues, The Shelf, Step Away).

Mike: The First Gig!! Packed out with a screaming crowd, we had the hall on its feet by the end of the shelf, moving into the opening of Step Away immediately. From behind the drums, it was a great vibe, the place just shook every time Frankie launched into the guitar breaks! Pulled off a phat drum solo to be proud of complete with harmonica. In short: fun, very fun and very cool…oh and we won too!

Electric Blues was very raw (to be polite) but playing the other songs again with half the drum kit collapsing around me was interesting to say the least!

Much respect to the other bands that played, particularly Hunters Hill, who like us, bucked the trend to play two tight songs and included a solid version of Ready1 by Grinspoon…ooh yeah.

Thanks to all the parents and friends that made it possible and took time out to watch!