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Valhalla is:

Grant Arthur       


Alex Tullet

Mike Solo

Alex Solo is:

The Story So Far...

Valhalla is not just a band, but a way of life. As anyone who has seen them live can tell you, Valhalla is about rock (with some roll).

After a mere two months existence, Valhalla (the name inspired by Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song") played their first gig to a full house in Crows Nest last November. The response was mind-blowing. They walked out of the venue with first prize from the Ryde District Battle of the Bands, an invitation to play at Pre-Shocked and hordes of sworn followers. Valhalla had arrived.

Since then, they have opened the 2004 Shoreshocked festival, featured on 94.5 FBi FM's show "The Bridge Unsigned" and played at various local events (including an opening slot at the Willoughby Spring Festival Youth Stage and headlining at the Lane Cove Youth Band event) and parties. Their ultimate goal may be world domination, but they are just playing what they love: hard rock inflected with their influences, which include Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, the Who and the Police - Duelling guitars, pounding drums, soaring bass-lines and searing vocals.

The band has recently released their debut EP.