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vicky is a hobo shes the best one i know im singing this song just for her it remnids me of the time she stole a purse she got beat down with a big ol stick by an old lady with a dick this is when she lost her pride and went away, to run and hide so ends her life on the corner now she son the other...corner i am riunin outta idea so i end this song lalalala ROCK ON! stephen is an awesome sidekick but he doesn’t get beat with sticks he finds the place to run and hide so vicky can regain her pride after this he goes to steal food mostly it is dog poop he feeds it to his master vick but she ends up getting sick so in the nd Stephen really sux Hes a horrible sidekick But he lalalalala sux Sean wants Anal sex Just cuz Alicia Made a bet She said he couldn’t Hes not gay He said he could do it Any way So he found a man And he said yes Sean said wait… Your wearing a dress In the end He lost his money But at least he didn’t have to get funky with a freakin gay guy! Alicia likes The pop rocks So does tory Nvr mind To gross to think about Alicia and tory Ew Kinda odd Trey is Real gay That is What I say He likes The cock Just like People in bangcock Hes afraid To ask a girl out Even though She is not allowed He will Not break the rule But he Will make a guy spooge Ew Done Vivky kicks So much ass She can actually Almost pass Shes so cool She rox my sox I just want to Buy her a new box For her Cuz shes a hobo I want to help In any way I know Just cuz Shes so cool Vicky Just makes me drool