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The Mob

Pairing: B/Aus, Cordelia/Angelus, Faith/Angelus & more


Summary: Angelus and Buffy are married, but Angelus works for the mob, What will happen when the new guy comes to town?

Dedication: To Nicole & Leanne.

Disclaimers: Don't own them

Part One

Angelus and Buffy are sitting around in their penthouse, Buffy had just came back from a kidnapping.

One of Angelus business associates decided to take Buffy as a hostage so Angelus would pay him on time, knowing that Buffy was his weakness. These associates never hurt Buffy, and never have to because once Angelus knows she's taken he gets the money together and pays them.

Angelus loves Buffy very much, She's his whole world, and he makes sure she knows that every day. Whenever she gets taken, he's always buying her stuff and comforting her and showing the compassion that only she sees and knows. They've been together ever since they were young teenagers. Angelus took over the business with his cousins Doyle and Spike after his father died. His sister Fred really isn't into the game. Buffy's family doesn't approve, Willow says she's not supposed to be there, and Dawn's always crying around. So she's kinda excluded herself from her family, but Angelus makes her go and see them.

Angelus enemies include Xander, Marcus, Jeffers. All of them are harmless, They know the game and don't want to upset Angelus. Gunn is Angelus trusted security guard, who also happens to be Buffy's best friend.

Angelus sets Buffy down onto the chair and tells her how much he loves her over and over again. Hoping she doesn't forget.

"Hey, We have a problem"

"Ok, I'll be right back baby" He kisses Buffy on the cheek and goes over to Gunn and pulls him aside. "What's the problem"

"New guy in town, He wants to work with you"

"No, I don't work with anyone new"

"I'll let him know"

A couple of days later Buffy got a note.

Make your husband work with me or I'll kill you...or him, your choice.


She took the note to Angelus with tears in her eyes. Angelus reads it and rolls his eyes. "New guy"

"Angelus he might be serious"

"Yeah...We need a plan"

"I have one, but your not going to like it" Said Gunn looking at both Angelus and Buffy.

"What's the plan?"

"Your going to have an affair"

The Mob

Part Two

"An affair"

"No, Gunn, No, Angelus can't!! He just can't!" She screamed.

"Not a real one, A fake one"

"How am I going to pull of a fake one?"

"Take Cordelia or Faith out somewheres, Long enough for them to snatch pictures of the two of you, It'll take the heat off of Buffy"

"Will it work?"


"Yes, It'll work"

Buffy glared at Angelus, "Baby, We have to, You know I only love and want you" Buffy looked up at with sad eyes and said, "You promise?"

Angelus smiled at his wife, "I promise baby, I'm not even going to touch the bitches" With that Buffy smiled and jumped up on his waist and wrapped her legs around him

"I'll leave you two alone"

"Thanks Gunn"

Gunn walked out the door with a smile on his face, He would give up his life, Just to protect Buffy. At one time, He would've thought he'd have a chance with her, but it was obvious to him now, Buffy belongs to Angelus, and honestly, He wouldn't have it any other way.

Buffy and Angelus laid in their bed after making hours of love.

"Are you ok with this?"

"The best way that I can be"

"I know baby, I know" He kissed her forehead.

"How about you?"

"I only want you, Buffy"

"I know, But Gunn said it's the only way"

"I know, I know." He kissed her on the lips and rubbed himself against her Buffy giggled and said, "I take it you want me"

"Hmm, Mmm"

"Come here you"

With that, He rolled ontop of her and began making love to her again.

The Next Day

Angelus walked around in the apartment waiting on Gunn, He took Buffy next door so that she wouldn't be that far away from him. For that, He was grateful. He couldn't leave without Buffy and He reminded himself, He was only doing this for her protection.

Gunn came through the door "Hey, She's safe"

"Good, Anything new on the newest threat?"

"A guy named Riley Finn, He's one of the four familys, Son"

"Can we take him out?"

"In time, for now, He lets his lackey do the work for him, For some reason, He wants to ship something into your port, and he's willing to get Buffy to do so"

"Just like all the rest"

"Except he's new, He might even hurt her"

"That's why, She won't be, She's in the safehouse and I'm going to pretend to have an affair"

Angelus continued to walk around and Gunn broke the silence. "It'll be fine, Angelus, Buffy understands, She's fine, You can still see her, She won't hear or know anything outside"

"I don't like keeping her in the dark"

"Your going to have to,Angelus, She might not be able to handle everything that goes on, It's better this way"

"Your right"

"I'm always right"

"For Buffy's sake, I hope your right this time"

"Me too, Me too"

Angelus office

"Hello Cordelia, would you like to have lunch with me?"

"Of course"

Cordelia and Angelus walked out of the building, Unaware of what was watching them. In a black limo, Was Riley Finn, Watching them with a camera, Taking pictures of the couple.

"That isn't Buffy"

"Her name is Cordelia, She works for Angelus"

"Seems more than that"

"Looks like he doesn't love Buffy" Said Xander. One of Riley's lackeys.

"Looks like we have a new victim, Xander"

"That it does, Riley, That it does"

The Mob

Part Three

Angelus has stick to the plan good, He took either Cordelia or Faith out by day or night when he had to go out. And spent any of his other time, with his wife, Buffy.

He loved Buffy so much, he'd do anything to protect her. He knew Riley would hurt her, if he got her. Cordelia and Faith were expendable, but not his precious, not Buffy. Not his whole world.

He woke up with Buffy in his arms, "Hey Baby"

"Hey Angel"

"Another day" he said sadly. He hated being near Cordy and Faith. They drove him nuts, Cordy's always flirting or talking about her day or something. And Faith spent most of their time, trying to get into his pants. He didn't like either of him, nor did he find them attractive. He knew where he belonged. Buffy has his heart, soul, body and everything in between.

"I'm sorry"

"It's not your fault, babe. I gotta protect you"

"I know"

He kissed her forehead and got up to get dressed, Buffy got up to make him breakfast.

"Hmm smells good" He said when he entered the kitchen.

"Thanks, Here you go honey"

"Thank you baby"

After finishing his breakfast and reading the paper, He got up and started to head out, but not before giving Buffy a kiss.

"Be careful, You've got my whole life riding with you" She said. He winks at her and kisses her forehead, "I will baby, I love you" "I love you too"

Angelus arrived at work and was greated by Cordelia. "Hello"

"Hey Angelus, We got a problem"

"What's that?" he asked, not really caring about the answer unless it was about the business.

"I'm pregnant"



"So?! Is that all you have to say is SO?!"

"Cordelia, I'm not the person to say your pregnant to, We haven't done anything!"

He walked into his office and slammed the door, That bitch! Trying to pin her pregnancy on ME? I haven't touched the bitch, let alone kiss her. Wouldn't touch her with a tin foot poll, Damn bitch.

"Can I come in?"

"Fine, Cordelia, Come in"

"I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to pin it on you, I know we've never done anything, It's just, I don't want it"

"Why are you telling me? Shouldn't you be telling the person who knocked you up?"

"You have connections, You can make this go away, He doesn't know it, It was just a one time thing"

"Fine, Cordelia, Want it to go away?.."


He looked through his drawer and pulled out a number, "Call him, He handled Fred's"

"OK, Thank You"

"Oh and Cordelia?" She turned around to face him, "If I even hear, Your telling people it was mine, Your ass will be gone.I mean Gone."

"Um, Ok. I won't, I promise" with that she walked out and headed towards her phone to make an appointment.

"Yeah we know how good those are" He went back to working.

That night, Cordelia was left alone in the office, Xander walked in.

"Xander" She smiled.

"Cordelia" He said not to happy. He heard she was pregnant. It pays to have an insider in the office.

"What's wrong?"

"Aborting my baby or Angelus?"

"Anngelus'..." She studdered..

"You'll pay even worser now bitch" And he walked towards her, slowly.

"NO, NO NO NOO!" was the only sound heard throughtout the building.



"Yes Buffy?"

"Xander's working with Riley"

"How do you know baby?"

"Because I'm in on it"

(((Warning, I hate Cordelia, So don't expect any remorse from me or her to live through this...You've been warned Also another warning, Mentions of Rape, Abuse, and Torture, Very Harsh Language and Murder)))

The Mob

Part Four

"Your What?"

"I'm in on it, Look, Don't get mad, I want to help you and they both think your not involved with me anymore, I told them I was doing it for revenge"

"Buffy, Baby, I didn't want you to get involved with this"

"I also know that Cordelia's pregnant"

"Never did anything with the bitch, Baby"

"I know, It's Xander's"


"I know she didn't tell you because she wants you, She didn't count on getting pregnant with Xander"

He looks up at her as she continues, "But Riley wanted to kidnap Cordelia for ransom"

"He isn't getting jack shit"


Xander walked into the chamber, Which was holding Cordelia against a wall.

"You look good in chains" He said.

"Xander..Let me go, Please"

"Not until Angelus saves you"

"He will!"

"Better hope so, But you won't be pretty when you get out"

He undid his belt buckle and seperated her legs and forced himself inside of her, and laughed as she cried and screamed.


He finally released, and pulled himself out of her, She was crying.

"Stop your crying you fucked up bitch, It's not like you were a virgin"

She cried harder.

And he hits her..hard. "I said, Stop your crying you fucking bitch, Crying isn't going to get you anywhere"

"Angelus will make you pay for this"

"Oh smartass bitch is talking back, Let's see how you like this"

He pulled out a knife and began cutting her on her legs, arms, thighs, and even her clit.

He laughed and smiled as the blood began to pour from her.

He left the room, and found Riley sitting down.

"What's up?"

"It seems Angelus isn't returning our calls"

"Mmm maybe doesn't care, Should we let her go?"

"Hell no, Lets have some fun with her and then kill her"

"Let's go for it, I done had my fun, It's yours..Oh she's bleeding"

"I'll make her bleed more"

Riley entered the chamber, and undid his pants and seperated her legs and forced himself inside of her and she cried out. Not from pleasure, but from pain.

He pushed himself further and further inside of her, Not caring that she was crying and screaming no.

He really didn't care. He was going to have his fun with her, and then they were going to kill her.

He leaned down to whisper in her ears, "So your pregnant huh?"


"Isn't it going to be a shame, Your not going to be able to see him or her"

He brought the knife that Xander used down into her stomach and released as her inner walls put pressure.

"Stop" She said.

"No, Angelus isn't going to save you"


"Yes, Sorry, Looks like you weren't the best fuck of his life"

Riley began to move inside of her again, and whispered "Maybe if you be my best fuck, I'll let you live"

Cordelia started to move against him, Giving into him. She wanted to live.

They both found their release as Xander came into the room.

"She give in?"

"Yeah, It seems she wanted to live, but sorry babe, Not the best fuck of my life"

Both Xander and Riley found a gun, and a hammer.

Xander broke all of her fingers and toes and her hands and her legs using the hammer.

As Riley forced the gun inside of her and shot inside of her.

And then they watched as she bled and screamed in pain, then Riley pointed the gun to her head, and shot.

Cordelia was alive nomore.

The boys smiled and took a picture, and sent it to Angelus.

Angelus got the picture a few days later.

And had to look away.

She looked aweful.

And he helped kill her.

He didn't actually kill her, but he didn't help her.

Because he didn't care about her.

Lyrics Belong to Black Eye Peas, Staci Orrico, Britney Spears, Kimberly Locke, & 3 Doors Down...(Different Varietys! :P..Oh please, Your just mad because You didn't think of it FIRST!..Hmmph....:P j/k...I like varietys..)

Do you guys think I'm gonna send that part out to other groups? Knowing me, Probably!

//Hey Mama

It's that shit

That make you groove mama

Get up on the floor and move

your booty mama

We the black masters

blastin at the drumma//

"Buffy" He said as he entered their apartment.

"Cordelia's dead"

"I'm aware of that, I got a picture"

"Yeah, Brutal, Except I hated the bitch"

"Yeah, Me too"

He kissed her forehead, "I love you baby"

"I love you too, How was your day?"

"Pretty good, How's planning with Mr.Finn and Mr.Harris, How exactly DID Xander begin to work for Riley?"

"Xander helped Riley during the traffic validations, and The cops almost arrested him when Xander got him into his cover, Then Xander's corporation all turned against him and turned him in, He fled and Riley found him and offered him a job"

"I bet he doesn't like not being in charged" Asked a curious Angelus.

"No, He still tries to act big and bad, but Riley sets him straight before he can do so" Buffy explained.

"The Cordelia thing?"

"Started off as Riley's idea to get close to you, but then it turned into an obsession for Xander since he found out Cordy's been hanging out with you"

"Hmm. So what do we do?"

"To get to Riley, Is through his family, and to get to Xander, is to kill him, I thought Cordelia was his weakness, but look what he did to her?"

"True, Buffy, Promise me, You'll be careful"

"You know me"

"I mean it" He kisses her, "You've got my whole life riding with you"

"Ditto" She returned the kiss.

//Will I be there

When you call me in the middle of the night?

Will I keep the rain from falling down in your life?

I promise, I promise

I Promise I will

And I promise

Oh I promise you

I will be there when you call me

I promise I will//

Buffy arrived at the secret place that her, Xander and Riley were accustomed to meeting at.

"Hey Boys"

"Hey Beautiful" Said Riley.

"Buffster!" Said Xander getting up to give her a hug.


"Angelus got your picture, Seems he doesn't care though"

"Damnit, I knew it was Faith"

Buffy looked down.

//Everytime I try

To Fly

I Fall

Without my wings

I feel so small

I guess I need you baby

And everytime I see

Your in my dreams

I see your face

It's haunting me

I guess I need you baby//

"Sorry Buffy, But it's true. How can we get this Faith?" Asked Riley.

"She also works for Angelus"

"Good, Get on it Xander"

"You go this time, She's a bitch!"

"Alright, Time to play, Buffy, You'll be awaiting for my call?"

"Yes" She said honestly.

//Seven Days

Seven Nights

Of Thunder

The waters rising

And I'm slipping under

I think I feel in love

With the 8th World Wonder

It's only been a week

but it's coming over me

It's making me believe

That your the one for me//

Xander was walking down the street when he was being followed by Spike.

Spike caught up with him, and pulled him into the alley. "What are you doing with Buffy?"

"We're old friends, None of yours or Angelus business"

Spike pulled out a gun and said, "Your an asshole, If you hurt one head on Buffy's hair, I will personally kill you"

"Your girlfriends next"


"Oh yeah, Riley's after her now"

"Where are you taking her?"

"I'll never tell"

Spike hit him on the head with the gun, "Bastard"

And ran down the street.

//It's down to this

I've got to make this life make sense

Can anyone tell me what I've done?

I miss the life

I miss the colors of the world

Can anyone tell me where I am?//

"Hello?" Riley said as he entered the office.

"In here" Called a voice.

Riley followed the voice and found her in the copier room,"Hello"

"Oh hey, Who are you?"

"A friend of Angelus, Who are you?"

"Faith, I work for Angelus"

"Do you mind coming with me?"

//Cause now again

I found myself

So far down

Away from the sun

That shines into the darkest place

I'm so far down

Away from the sun again//

Spike entered the office and yelled, "FAITH??"

He looked all over the place, "Damnit, She isn't here!"

//La La La La//

//I need you//

//After All//

//In Love..Hey Hey, Oh Woah, Yeah//

//Away from the sun//


"Oh my God!" Buffy said as she saw Xander and Faith's lifeless bodies.

"Buffy" Riley turned and saw Buffy standing there.

Buffy started to back and away and run, but Riley stopped her.

"You can't leave me, I can't lose you"

"Riley you just killed them"

"You stay with Angelus, he does the same"

"Yeah but I never had to see it!"

Riley lets her go and Buffy runs out the door.

"You won't get far"

Riley pulled out his cell phone and dailed one of his hitchmen.

Angelus walked out onto the balcony to see Spike sitting in a chair.


"Hey Angelus" He looks at Angelus and says "Buffy will be fine"

"Yeah, Sorry bout Faith"


Angelus sits beside Spike and they look up at the stars when Angelus cell phone rings.




"Help me..Riley won't let me go"

"Where are you baby?"

"At the..."

The cell phone suddenly went off.

"What the?"..Angelus turns and looks at Spike.

"Did she say where she was?"

"No..We need to find one of Riley's hitchmen"

"Know of any of them?"

"No, You?"


"Bad Buffy, Calling Hubby"


"Yes Buff, How are ya?"

"Let me go please?"


Lucas led Buffy down the hall until he heard some footsteps from the other hitchmen's boots, and he pulled Buffy into a closet.

He held his finger up to her lips.."Shh"

He listened until he heard the footsteps pass, and said "Sorry about earlier"

"Why'd you do that?"

"One of the other hitchmen were following me, Still have your cell?"


Lucas felt his cell phone vibrate. "Hang on"

He opens his phone and says "Lo?"

"Spike, how the hell are ya?"

"Yeah she's right here with me"

"Yeah let me figure out how to get us out of here in one piece"

"Yeah, Later"

He hangs up the phone and says "Angelus said he loves you"

AN: Lucas' past is being revealed...Note: // Means flashback Dedication: To everyone who supported me through this bad time..


"Lucas?" Said Buffy as they were getting close to the door, Lucas

turned and looked at her and then Riley came into view.

"Thank you Lucas for finding Buffy"

Buffy looked at Lucas with betrayal all over her face.

///L.A. 9 Years Ago///

"Buffy, I've found the PEFECT guy for you" Said Lucas as he went to sit on Buffy's bed.

"Oh really who's that?"

"Me" Buffy slapped Lucas and said, "Very funny, No really who?"

"I'm being serious" He said as he got off the bed, "You don't want to be with me?"

"Lucas your my best friend, I can't be with you"

"Oh, I get it"

Lucas ran out of the room.

//End of L.A. 9 Years Ago//

//Sunnydale 7 Years Ago//

"Hello Riley Finn" Said Lucas as he entered Riley's office.

"What the hell are you doing here?"

"I want revenge, I want to work for you" Lucas said handing him a card with, Your invited on it.

"Buffy and Angelus huh?"


"Fine, Meet Xander at the peir at Nine, for your first job to test your loyality"

"I'm in"

//End of Sunnydale 7 Years Ago//

//The day of Buffy and Angelus wedding//

Lucas arrived to see Angelus and Spike talking, and smiled when they noticed him,

"Hey Guys, How are you?"

"Hey Luca, How's it going?"

"Lu, Sup mate?" said Spike.

"Just came to wish you goodluck Angelus"

"Thanks Lucas"

The three men hugged and Lucas walked away and sneaked around to the limo's.

He put something in the driver side.

"Sorry Gang"

And walked off.

Angelus's dad went to Buffy and Angelus limo and decided to surprise his son, and daughter in law.

As soon as he started the car, Angelus's dad, Was gone.

Everyone heard a bang and ran out to see what it was, Lucas also followed, Hoping to hold a grieving Buffy.

But what caught him, caught him by surprised, Angelus was safe.

And what made the guilt go with him was the fact that he killed Angelus father.

That's when he told Spike that he worked for Riley.

//End of flashback//

"Riley leave her alone"

"I thought you said you wanted revenge boy"

"Not by her, I don't"

"Killing her will get even with Angelus though"

"As true as they may be, But I don't want her dead, and neither do you"

"Correct, But Revenge is sweet"

A gunshot was fired..


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