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The Clan Assamite Anti-Tribu Clan Symbol

Assamite Anti-Tribu

The Assamite Anti-Tribu are much like their independent brethren, though their allegiance is to the sect and its purpose rather than the slumbering, antiquated Ancient venerated by the mainstream clan. Assamite antitribu inhabit a comfortable niche among the bloody Sabbat, given as they are to murder and diablerie. Most members of this clan join the subsect known as the Black Hand or become templars, paladins and other enforcers of Sabbat policy. Surprisingly, the clan seems to maintain fairly civil relations with its parent clan despite its "heretical" beliefs in the Sabbatís Noddist philosophy. Sabbat Assamites also maintain a vague hauteur over their forebears, as they never succumbed to the curse only recently broken by the non-Sabbat Assassins.

--Assamite Anti-Tribu are Venue Storyteller Approval (Low)--

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The Blood Brother Clan Symbol

Blood Brothers

A strange bloodline of vampires developed by Thaumaturgical and other mystical means, the Blood Brothers are created rather than Embraced. Although they count few members, the Blood Brothers display a vicious streak a mile wide, and often find themselves serving as muscle or labor for other vampires in the sect. Blood Brothers move in "circles" that consist only of other Blood Brothers, and their bizarre biothaumaturgical Embrace strips them of personal will. As such, while they cannot be said to happily serve the Sabbat, they do so unquestioningly. Additionally, Blood Brothers undergo a fleshcrafting process during the Embrace that reforms their facial (and sometimes bodily) structures to resemble one another exactly. They are most frequently found - which is a bit misleading, as there is nothing "frequent" about them - in the employ of freakish Tzimisce and scheming Lasombra, who use them when they need graceless work done with which they would rather not associate themselves.

--Blood Brothers are National Storyteller Approval (Top)--

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The Brujah Anti-Tribu Clan Symbol

Brujah Anti-Tribu

Superficially similar to their parent clan, the Brujah Anti-Tribu are ironically much more conservative than the mainstream clan. Brujah Anti-Tribu are pillars of stability for the Sabbat, as they care less for causes and more for wanton violence. Many of the Sabbatís shock troops and fodder come from this clan, as their prowess is matched only by their relentless (if simplistic) support of the sect. The Sabbat Brujah are great proselytizers, as well, converting everyone they can with promises of freedom and the destruction of elder tyranny. Unlike the apparent attitude affected by Camarilla Brujah, they do not seem to despise the sect to which they belong.

--Brujah Anti-Tribu are Venue Storyteller Approval (Low)--

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The Gangrel Anti-Tribu Clan Symbol

Gangrel Anti-Tribu

Very little can be said regarding the Gangrel Anti-Tribu as a clan, as their ranks include loners and individualists who would seem to have little use for sects. The clan has two subdivisions, known as the City Gangrel and the Country Gangrel. Country Gangrel are the most like their parent clan, feral and often rustic, preferring their own company to packs and blood-guzzling ritual convocations. The City Gangrel, however, seem to exhibit a more pack mentality, and resemble the creatures of urban nightmare more than their cousins - rather than wolves and bats, their frenzies leave them with the features of spiders, hyenas and other... beasts. City Gangrel are consummate urban predators, honing their instincts to suit the alleys they prowl. Recently, a great many Gangrel have "defected" to the Sabbat, looking over their shoulders for whatever has spooked them into such a mass exodus and speaking fearfully of "sleeping horrors" awakening.

--Gangrel Anti-Tribu are Venue Storyteller Approval (low)--

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The Harbingers of Skulls Clan Symbol

Harbingers of Skulls

These rare and curious vampires have joined the Sabbat only recently. In fact, until a few years ago, no one had heard of them. The Harbingers of Skulls present themselves as quiet and conservative, preferring to traffic with the souls of the dead rather than rampage about, leaving wakes of fire and destruction. Nonetheless, they are cold and alien, conducting murder and torture in their laboratories. All of the Harbingers physically resemble corpses themselves; their skin stretches over their bones and gives them a skeletal, emaciated appearance. They affect masks and other manners of hiding their faces, for their skin has stretched so tightly over their heads that they appear as naked, grinning skulls. Some vampires attribute a dark origin to the Harbingers, as their knowledge and power is far superior to any bloodline that has "popped up" recently.

--Harbingers of Skulls are Assistant National Storyteller Approval (High)--

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The Kiasyd Clan Symbol


The enigmatic Kiasyd seem to have little affiliation with the Sabbat, and they are arguably not part of it at all. However, it appears that, for whatever reason, they sympathize with the sect. Those who have heard of the Kiasyd (a rarity in and of itself) believe them to have some mystical connection with the Lasombra, since tangible darkness trails the Kiasyd as it does the Keepers. For the most part, they seem to be content to remain quietly distant from the nightly affairs of the sect, losing themselves in ancient writings and forgotten lore. Few Kiasyd venture outside their havens - which would certainly be memorable, given these vampiresí strange, bluish skin, oddly pointed ears, tall frames and pure black eyes. Perhaps it is best that they keep to themselves, for they are obviously unwholesome.

--Kiasyd are Assistant National Storyteller Approval (High)--

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The Lasombra Clan Symbol


The Lasombra clan has fallen from grace - and its members enjoy it. Simultaneously graceful and predatory, the Lasombra guide - and, when necessary, whip - the Sabbat into an implacable force. Turning their backs upon the humans they once were, Lasombra give themselves wholly over to the dark majesty of the embrace, murder, frenzy, predation: why fear these things, many Lasombra ask, if one is meant to be a vampire? in contrast to the Tzimisce, though, Lasombra generally seek not to reject all things mortal, but to shape them for their own pleasure.

--Lasombra are Venue Storyteller Approval (Low)--

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The Malkavian Anti-Tribu Clan Symbol

Malkavian Anti-Tribu

Malkavian Anti-Tribu support the sect only nominally, if at all, though they form one of the more populous clans. It would seem that their crippling derangements hinder any attempts at lucidity - they are true monsters, rarely driven by anything other than ravenous hunger or their own rampaging Beasts. In their rare, brief moments of civility, they exhibit the cursed insight of the rest of their clan, often speaking cryptically of events to come or unrevealed secrets forgotten. Sabbat packs are often forced to restrain or incapacitate their Malkavian members, whose explosive and murderous rages are equally as likely to maim friend or foe. Some Sabbat Malkavians have mentioned "infecting" their Camarilla counterparts, but no one outside the clan claims to know what they mean.

--Malkavian Anti-Tribu are Venue Storyteller Approval (Low)--

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The Nosferatu Anti-Tribu Clan Symbol

Nosferatu Anti-Tribu

Nosferatu Anti-Tribu are studies in extremes - among their ranks are some of the sectís most depraved villains and most humanitarian penitents. Although these latter are derided as "soft" by many others of the sect, the clan as a whole is too useful to the sect to write off. Sabbat Nosferatu are some of the most ardent followers of the Sabbatís Paths of Enlightenment, turning their backs on the values of those they no longer resemble. Nosferatu Anti-Tribu often form packs with other Nosferatu exclusively and gather secrets much like their Camarilla forebears. In fact, the Nosferatu Anti-Tribu maintain probably the best relationship with their mainstream clan of all Sabbat vampires, and it is all but assured that they know more about the Camarilla than any other Sabbat clan as well.

--Nosferatu Anti-Tribu are Venue Storyteller Approval (Low)--

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The Pander Clan Symbol


Although they are not a true clan in the strictest sense of the word, the Panders have nonetheless accumulated some small degree of status in the Sabbat. The Panders comprise the cast-offs and detritus of the Sabbat - they are the sectís "Caitiff," clanless and wretched, but still committed to the sectís aims. Unlike the Caitiff, however, the Panders are acknowledged as equals... at least in theory if not in practice.

--Pander are Venue Storyteller Approval (Low)--

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The Ravnos Anti-Tribu Clan Symbol

Ravnos Anti-Tribu

The Ravnos Anti-Tribu have turned their backs on their Gypsy heritage, and they no longer maintain any relations (outside of hostility) with their mainstream clan. Sabbat Ravnos are some of the wildest vampires in the sect, as wanderlust still runs in their undead veins and their wicked ways have made them even more malicious than independent Ravnos. Almost all Ravnos antitribu are gorgio - non-Gypsies; in turning away from their parent clan, the Sabbat Ravnos have also turned away from their archaic ways. Many Ravnos Anti-Tribu serve as scouts and spies for the Sabbat, taking advantage of their nomadic natures and prowess with Chimerstry.

--Ravnos Anti-Tribu are Venue Storyteller Approval (Low)--

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The Salubri Anti-Tribu Clan Symbol

Salubri Anti-Tribu

A recent development in Sabbat history has seen the conversion of a member of the reviled Salubri bloodline to the Black Hand. Bringing and Embracing a small, elite army of followers, this Salubri has declared a personal vendetta against the Camarilla, which he claims has sheltered murderers and kinslayers since its inception. While the Sabbat seems like a strange place for those who take offense at the destruction of elders (at least to other Sabbat) the Salubri Anti-Tribu seem to regard the sectís larger philosophy with only lip service. In their minds, their allegiance with the sect begins and ends with the war on the Camarilla. In the tradition of the Anti-Tribu, the Sabbat Salubri have turned utterly away from the clan that spawned them, regarding their progenitors with antipathy for what they consider weakness and fatalism.

--Salubri Anti-Tribu are Domain Storyteller Approval (Mid)--

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The Serpents of the Light Clan Symbol

Serpents of the Light

It is believed that the Serpents of the Light began as a heretical offshoot bloodline of the Followers of Set. Following more closely to the tenets of voudun than the arcane Egyptian faith of the parent clan, the faction left the fold at the urging of the Sabbat in the late 1960s (once the sect had established itself in Haiti and turned back Setite presence). Serpents of the Light consider the Setitesí attempts to resurrect their undead vampire-god blasphemous and foolish, as doing so would open the door to Gehenna and rouse the other Antediluvians. The Serpents of the Light still have much to prove to the sect, but not for a lack of conviction - they oppose their forebearsí support of their Antediluvian with a ferocity not found elsewhere.

--Serpents of the Light are Domain Storyteller Approval (Mid)--

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The Toreador Anti-Tribu Clan Symbol

Toreador Anti-Tribu

These vampires embody all that is despicable and inhumane in the Sabbat and Toreador alike. Whereas the Camarilla-advocates of Clan Toreador becomes engrossed in beauty, the Toreador Anti-Tribu - through their long association with the Sabbat - find human suffering, pain and cruelty beautiful. They are truly depraved, taking pleasure in the torment of others and reveling in the gore with which they surround themselves. Sabbat Toreador are simultaneously in touch with and alienated from their human sides - they know mortal urges intimately, though they twist them horrifically. Some Sabbat speak furtively of the Toreador Anti-Tribu, believing them to be more insane than the Malkavians, claiming that the Perverts are interested only in suffering for its own sake rather than any specific end. Like their counterparts in the Camarilla, the Sabbat Toreador make up the "high society" of the sect, though their society is malefic and bloody, indeed.

--Toreador Anti-Tribu are Venue Storyteller Approval (Low)--

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The Tzimisce Clan Symbol


If clan Lasombra is the heart of the Sabbat, clan Tzimisce is the soul. Even other vampires grow uneasy around these flesh-crafting kindred, and the clans nickname of "fiends" was given to it in nights past by horrified kindred of other lines. The Tzimisce's signature discipline of vicissitude is the subject of particular dread: tales speak of crippling disfigurements inflicted on a whim, of ghastly "experiments," and tortures refined beyond human - or vampire - comprehension or endurance.

--Tzimisce are Venue Storyteller Approval (Low)--

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The Ventrue Anti-Tribu Clan Symbol

Ventrue Anti-Tribu

The Ventrue Anti-Tribu resemble their parent clan of nights past, and they truly loathe what the mainstream clan has become in the modern nights. While Camarilla Ventrue are powerful financiers and corporate merchant princes, the Sabbat Ventrue are paladins and knights, sworn to uphold the Sabbatís way of unlife and atone for the greed of their predecessors. They possess a grim nobility, and many find places within the Black Hand or as templars. The Sabbat Inquisition, devoted to rooting out and destroying infernalism, is composed predominantly of Ventrue Anti-Tribu. Indeed, the Sabbat Ventrue are - some would say ironically - some of the sectís most ardent supporters.

--Ventrue Anti-Tribu are Venue Storyteller Approval (Low)--

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