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The Venue Storyteller at present is Daniel Purdon. He has recently taken on the position and has run his games with the hope of involving every player that attends.

He is contactable for ST issues on

Position Description:

The Venue Storyteller is the lead Storyteller for their local game. Under the direction of the DST, and in conjunction with National plots and rules, the VST maintains their particular genre in accordance with their Venue Style Sheet.

The VST supervises all the PCs of Players within their Venue and they manage “Low-level” Approvals, in accordance with the Australian Storyteller’s Handbook, and any rules Sanctioned by the NST’s office. The VST is responsible for assisting Members in generating and maintaining Sanctioned characters for their Venue.

The VST runs the game, and is the final arbiter of all aspects of the story at the Venue level.

The VST awards and tracks game experience points for all Characters under their authority, as well as approving awards for any PC visiting their game from another Venue.

In disciplinary issues, the VST can award negative experience points or expel members from a game who cheat, or otherwise abuse character privileges, at a gaming event. They may recommend further Disciplinary Actions to the DST in their monthly report.

A key point to remember for all VSTs is the fact that, whilst they are the final arbiter and lead architect for their game at the venue level, they have a responsibility to maintain their game in a manner consistent with the tenets and direction of the club and the National story. They are the person who has “the call” on the night, yet they do need to sacrifice some “storyteller license” in exchange for National/International consistency and the ability to play in the global chronicle and the Sanctioned game.

Venue Coordinator:

The current Venue Coordinator is Matt Dillon. He has held the Position on VC since the change of the grimoire and was previously the CC (Chapter Coordinator) for House of the Third Son before the dispatch of Chapters. Has held various positions within the club and assists the VST Daniel Purdon with narration at games when necessary.

He is contactable for Coordination issues on

Position Description:

The Venue Coordinator is essentially responsible for the direct reality support of the game at the local level. They assist the Venue Storyteller in the delivery of the game to the membership.  They handle such issues as local first aid, security, prop storage, and announcements. If a Storyteller is akin to a director, then the VC is most like a stage manager. They handle what happens behind the scenes, for the membership and the Storytellers. VCs can award Prestige to members who assist in the operations of the venue.

Whilst their primary responsibility is supporting the VST in the delivery of the game, they are also responsible to the DC, providing any applicable reality information on the activities and often acting as their delegate. They relay information from the membership to the DC, and vice versa, including details of membership attendance through their monthly reports. They speak on reality issues at the Domain meetings and they endeavour to maintain the club’s “duty of care” at games. They are the club’s representatives at events they are in charge of and entrusted with making calls on safety issues, etc. In public areas, at their discretion, it is the responsibility of the VC to advertise the theatrical nature of the events to the general public.

The VC (or their delegate) has the final say, at the local level, on all weapon props being utilized at the games, in accordance with the policy on such, and no items are to be used without their approval. The VCs may also enact Disciplinary Action for behaviour contravening the Code of Conduct, including the ejection of members from the location, and the contacting of law enforcement officers, if required.

An essential component of the duties of the VC is mentoring the new members that turn up to the games. This involves making sure that they know when the games are on, who the storytellers and coordinators are, helping them understand the basics of the club’s structure and working to keep them happy and involved.