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Welcome to the Sydney Crusade



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"This means war.

War on the Antideluvians.  War against Gehenna. War against the Camarilla, the Inconnu and the cagey independents.  War against the witch-hunters, the werewolves, the cowardly anarchs and the herds of humanity.  For some this means war on the very sect to which they belong.

Welcome to the Sabbat."  

~ The Sword of Caine, Guide to the Sabbat ~

Hello and welcome to the Homepage for the Sabbat Venue of Sydney run under the Official White-Wolf Fan Club, the Camarilla. This page is a resource for the Players of the Sabbat Venue in Sydney, and across Australia.

This website has been designed to provide both established players and new players with the information required to both play the game and follow the rules. The most important thing to remember is that;

"It's only a game"

To play in the Official Sanctioned  chronicle of any Camarilla event it is a requirement that you be a member of the Camarilla Fan Club. For information regarding joining the Camarilla please visit the National website or email the Venue Coordinator. Guest memberships can be handed out for people who simply want to "get a feel" for it all, again, contact the Venue Coordinator or visit the National website for further details.