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The Regent

Coordinates all of the Sect, much like a dictator or corporate president.  Supported by the consistory of other powerful vampires, the Regent holds little sway over the sect as a whole.  Addressed as Our Most Distinguished Excellency.


High Lord or Lady of a specific grand region.  As superiors of the Arch Bishops, the Cardinals coordinate the Sabbat in their cities and direct them in the Great Jyhad.  Addresses as His or Her Eminence.


Grand Master or Mistress, Monsignor.  Preeminent among the Sabbat, the prisci are vampires of great age and power, selected by the Consistory to join its ranks of Advisors.  They offer their unique insight into other members of the Sect, particularly the Regent, cardinals and archbishops.  They are responsible for much of the upper level advancement in the Sabbat - a prisci's patronage is required to become an archbishop.  They are addressed as very Reverend Sir or Madame.

The Templars (or Paladins)

An elite force of bodyguards appointed by a bishop or greater leader.  Templars are recognized as symbols of strength in the Sabbat and known for their fighting skills.  Templars are also forbidden from becoming members of the Black Hand.


Archdeacon, Father or Mother Superior of a specific region.  The Archbishops officiate the nightly affairs of individual cities, often the most powerful vampire in the locale.  Appointed by the Cardinal of a given region, the Archbishops bear the responsibility for all vampires underneath them.  The Archbishop balances temporal power with skilled administration: Cites in which packs run wild become barren, and cities that become barren cannot support the race of vampires.  Addressed as His or Her Excellency.


The Deacon or High Mother or Father of a city.  If a city has no archbishop, it generally hosts a council of 3 to 5 bishops, depending on the city's size.  Similar to the archbishop, the bishops bear the responsibility of maintaining Sabbat influence in their cities, as well as the spiritual growth of the vampires therein.  Addressed as His or Her Excellency.

The Ducti

The leaders of individual packs who resemble gang leaders or chiefs of small tribes.  Often packs are 3-7 members.

Pack Priest

Pack Priests bear the responsibility for the spiritual well-being of their packs.  Second in command to the Ducti, the pack priest officiates all ritae observed by the pack.  Priests shoulder great responsibility, they must keep their packmates from succumbing to infernalism and from letting their Beasts rise to uncontrollability.  Addressed as Reverend Sir or Madame.