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Charcter: Tzu Fei Han

Position: Paladin to Cardinal Caleb Bloody-Claws.

Pack: Dark Mantra (Priest)

Description: Little is known of this Paladin. He had until recently been un-heard of within the Sword of Caine, but has emerged from the shadows and swept through the Sword.  He is 7 1/2 feet tall with pale blue skin and black pools of shadow for eyes. He is visibly of Asian descent.


*Initiated* and *Proven* as a true member of the Sabbat
*Ominous* and *Respected* as a Paladin to his Eminence
*Blessed* and *Devoted* as a Scholar of the path of Cathari
*Enlightened* as Priest of the Dark Mantra
*Enriched* by diablerising a traitor to the Sword of Caine
*Honorable* and *Dangerous* by Priscus Monsignor Genechko
*Exalted* for his aid in destroying the Justicar Cynric

Player: Matt Dillon