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It all started for Studs when he was about 12. He came into a room where some people where watching WCW Nitro. He immediately took a liking to the grappler Bill Goldberg. After a while of refusing to watch Vince McMahon's WWF, Studs put on an episode of RAW is War and was hooked. He starting watching the WWF during the famous Undertaker/ Steve Austin feud. He knew a bit about Austin because of him and Iron Mike Tyson. Eventually, Steve Austin became his favorite. And from what he says, he still is. Wrestling for Studs started in the summer of 2000 when he started wrestling with a neighbor. He and his neighbor wrestled with a life-size bear. They executed such moves as the stunner, rock bottom, and the piled river. That was just the beginning.

His wrestling career started October 25th, 2002 when he was offered a contract from the SWF. He gladly excepted. He wrestled his first match that night teaming with the veteran Tre the Adonis. He lead they team to victory. 

At the next PPV, Studs teamed with Tre again. Except this time, he was royally screwed by his one-time faithful tag partner, Tre the Adonis. Studs later took a leave of absence and came back with a bang. He came back as Prototype, a trash talking grappler who doesn't take shit from anyone. The next step for Prototype is to accomplish his dream of becoming the Undisputed Champion of the SWF. So he can show everyone who said he'd never make that he is a somebody. Somebody who is worth a whole lot to the SWF.