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Quiet Riot Results:

On a cold, yet sunny winter day. February 9th, 2004, McManus Square Garden a capacity crowd came to watch S.W.F superstars at the first-ever “Quiet Riot”. The opening match was also a first, a “Surrey White Trash Grudge Match.” The match featured Al Snow against Roadkill. This match was for one fall with many different swerves. The crowd went nuts when Roadkill hit spots from the top rope. This prompted Al Snow to morph to Snow Owl, which was soon followed by a change to Jesus. Jesus dominated the match with his brawling style. He finished the match with the Jesus Claw. But, Roadkill being as stubborn as he could, he did not tap. Kill was passed out and Jesus picked up the easy: One, Two, Three.

Winner: Surrey White Trash Grudge match Champion JESUS, Al Snow, and Snow Owl.

The Second match was for the World Tag team Championship titles.
Vicious and Delicious © versus Steven Studs/ Yoshi

Tre the Adonis Mc Manus started the match against Studs. Both men grappled and brawled inside and outside the ring. Many tags to both members of the team were made. Yoshi and Rock paired off in what could very well have been the match of the night. Yoshi obtained the upper hand on the Rock but the Rock took it back. A final tag was made to Steven Studs and to Mc Manus. A brawl ensued and Tre the Adonis Mc Manus came out on top. Tre had the MSG set and locked in on Steven Studs and Yoshi tried to enter the ring, but the ref stopped him. This gave the Rock time to punish Studs while he was in the MSG. With his partner laid out, with the Rock hovered over him, and numbness setting in all over his body, Steven Studs had no choice but to tap out to Tre the Adonis.

Winners: Still Tag team Champions - Vicious and Delicious.

The next three back-to-back-to-back matches were a mini gauntlet for the newly announced TAINTED CORRUPTION championship Title.

The first match featured Steven Studs versus Jesus. Steven has a losing record against Jesus due to the Jesus Claw. With memories of the Jesus Claw still fresh in his head, Studs started the match and tried to stay away from the Claw. Jesus did his best to fight the offence of Studs but to no avail. Studs had the match in control but let up for one split second and the Claw was applied. Steven Studs taped out to the Jesus Claw and sent Jesus to the finals of the TC Title gauntlet.

Winner - Jesus via the Jesus Claw

The second match was a triple threat that featured The Rock, The Adonis, and Yoshi. In the beginning of the match it seemingly looked like Yoshi was in trouble. With Vicious and Delicious dancing all over him, it looked as if his dreams of cementing his legacy was over. But, Tre the Adonis Mc Manus got into a verbal confrontation with his tag partner once a pinfall was attempted by Blake. Blake and the Adonis went after each other and wore each other down. Yoshi watched on with gleaming eyes and sat and waited for his opportunity to take advantage. Once Tre had the Rock set in the figure four, Yoshi realized Tre was virtually defenseless and Yoshi then went for the attack on Tre. Once the Rock rolled Mc Manus over and Tre was facing the mat, Yoshi hit the “bombs away Pearl Harbor from Japan.” Once that was hit, Yoshi rolled Tre over (who was still in the figure four) and pinned in.

Winner - Yoshi via pinfall.

The Main Event - a twenty minute Iron Man Match for the Surrey Heavy Weight Title.

The Main Event featured two of the best of friends: Chris “the Rock” Blake versus Tre the Adonis Mc Manus. Both men knew what was at stake: egos, pride, and the heavy weight title. Tre the Adonis, the six-time heavy weight champion versus Chris “the Rock” Blake: who has never who the title. The match started with a quick pace and Tre the Adonis wanted to keep the match going at that routine. With highflying maneuvers and in traditional high-risk manner, Mc Manus seemingly had the match in his hands. Dominating the match, Tre hit many spots from the top rope and picked up the first pinfall. Score is 1-0 Mc Manus. Blake not one to back down, came back and hit a devastating splash from the top rope and took the second fall of the match, score now 1-1. Vicious and Delicious decimated each other. With Blake working over the power maneuvers and Tre working the high risk. With Blake laid out in the middle of the ring Tre hit the sharpshooter and Blake quickly tapped out, score now 2-1 Mc Manus. With ten minutes to go Tre was looking at yet another successful title defence. Seeing that the match could be over with one more fall, Tre took a steel chair and went on a horrific assault on Blake. Laying Blake in the middle of the ring and the steel chair on his face, the Adonis hit a flipping leg drop and busted Chris open from ear to ear. Blake was woozy and clearly he was losing lots of blood. Five minutes remaining in the match with Adonis up 2-1. Blake knew he had to do something quickly so he hit a desperation rock bottom and had Mc Manus at his mercy in the dead of the ring. The Rock was unable to capitalize for a few moments because he passed out due to blood loss. Once the Rock regained consciousness, he hit the People’s Elbow and covers T-Mac for the one, two, and three, score 2-2 with less than five minutes remaining. At a deadlock, a standstill, one wrong move from either superstar and their dreams could be over. Rock and the Adonis went at each other “Viciously” with lefts and rights. Rock obtained the upperhand and eventually hit the Dominator. Lifting the Adonis high in the air and slamming him to the mat, the Rock picked up the lead at 3-2 with less than two minutes to go. Tre took precious seconds on the outside of the ring to regain composure. He was standing on the apron and the Rock approached him, that was where Tre hit a neckbreaker through the ropes and had Blake staggering. 20 seconds to go in the match, Tre hits the Rock with a dropkick that leaves Blake K-O’ed at the centre of the ring. 7 seconds to go. Tre sees his moment and runs and hits the Mac Attack on Blake…….2 seconds to go in the match and Tre goes for the cover…. 1……2………TIME RUNS OUT……Tre loses the title due to insufficient time.

Winner: and New Heavy Weight Champion : Chris “the Rock” Blake!

After the match concluded, Chris continued to celebrate with Tre livid in the ring. Tre grabs the belt from Blake and then puts it over his shoulder. “ This belt has been on this shoulder for years, this is where it belongs. But for tonight for some reason that is beyond me, I got beat. So I say good on you champ, Congrats!” Tre hands the belt over to the Rock and celebrates the victory with the new Surrey Heavy Weight Champion.