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"Stone Cold" Corey Marshall

In 84, we were brought not only the great Wrestlemania but also the dream that was well MYSELF!! The city of Surrey was gripped with the possibility of what may arise in the grips of this child. He grew up a fan of Married with Children and his eye caught wrestling at an early age. Wrestling took him over, just the rest of the great nation.

He had a great opportunity in wrestling, as he grew up with the man known as Earthquake. Back in the early days of his career, Corey wrestled with Earthquake’s son and the enigma himself. He was greatly saddened when the man, the legend, left the area to pursue other wrestling ventures. 

From when he can remember, he has been an avid fan and at that point in his life, he was looking for that one big break and the chance that every wrestler needs. He found it with the SWF or as it was called, WCWF.

Over the years, he has made many changes from Stone Cold, to Al Snow, and even to D’ lo Brown. He has used many different wrestling styles, gimmicks, and many different attitudes. Corey has held many belts and is one of only two Grand Slam Champions. (Second to Tre the Adonis) 

But, times have changed, as he became infatuated with being a jobber. For over 6 months, he was engulfed in a stormy feud with Job-berg with each of them trying to claim ownership to the Jobber Championship. Within this feud, the Jobber Title was passed between them like a STD filled hooker and a customer.

Again, as wrestling has it, he is back in what he calls, the real action! He is competing for another chance at the coveted SWF Championship. Time will only tell what may come of him. What have others said of this great talent? Well, Wolf Blitzer says, the war has only just begun with this hot-head. The man, who composed his theme, 50-cent claims, I love him like a fat kid love cake. Stone Cold Corey Marshall can only quote these words when asked about his career, WHAT?!

Many chapters of this profound wrestling career have already been written. It is believed that the best are yet to come.