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Its me folks, the Assassin is one of the many grates that have been in this business. Iím here 2 tell you about how I made it in this company. Well letís start then, shall we.

It all started about 5-6 years ago when I was a young boy.  Me and my friend Tre the Adonis and many more started this company in my living room of my house. From there, we went to the trampoline, to the boiler room, to McManuson Square Garden. I have had many characters: Commando, Cyrus the virus, Blade, etc. It has been a hard fought battle from the bottom of the chain, to the top. I have nearly killed myself doing stupid moves without practice. Falling off the trampoline, getting chairs, boxes, bats, you name it Iíve had it smashed over my head. My body has been through hell and back, and yes people there is a lot more to come so donít worry about that.

Also I have been in a lot of groups: CCW, the now, Yoshiís Clan to name a few. One of the best teams I have ever been associated with was with Tre the Adonis way back in the day. We were an unstoppable wrecking crew. When we had joined up we had each otherís backs. Then when it came to the World title, it was a whole different story.

Some of my best matches have happened between Tre an I. We have had hard fought battles, no let me rephrase that, we have had hard fought wars. Another tough opponent was my old now retired buddy the sandman and also a living legend Chris ďthe RockĒ Blake. I will never forget those matches for aslong as I live.

Iím going to talk a bit about my characters I have adopted. My first guy was Commando, when I Acted as Commando; I was able to get into the character because I liked the army characteristics he displayed. I liked the idea of being able to give people orders and whatnot. When it came down to wrestling there was only one guy who stood out above the rest. But my style was very apparent; my philosophy was that I needed to crush my opponent. If I was going to lose, I would crush my opponent. As long as I had done damage to the other person I was satisfied. Cyrus was my second, There is no way gentle way to describe him besides, he was one of the craziest bastards. He would drink beer, smoke, and he would sacrifice his own body for a keg. That is no lie! He was a winner in my eyes but that was me back then, now that I think about it he was a complete moron.

My other character was blade. He was a sneaky man who attacked from behind from on top of the rafters. He would come in every way possible just to get a surprise attack on the opponent. He never entered the arena the same way twice. He was not around for to long time because I couldnít control him.

And now there is me, the Assassin. I have done a lot! But there is also something more to do. I still have a lot more in store. There are still more belts to win; I need to become the world and NWA champion. I will kick any oneís ass that comes between my goal and I. I will be the champ and no one and I mean no one is going to stop me. And if u think u can, I DARE U 2 JUST BRING IT.

Well a person thatís all I have 2 say. If you want to know more about me just ask me, ďTHE ASSASSINĒ in person.