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Tre the Adonis

The mass chaos occurred in the mid-dinner time hours (unless youíre East Indian) on June 30th, of í85. A legend was prodigal son was born and the world had changed completely. Learning to crawl and walk were easy for me! a boastful comment which proves his athleticism in his early childhood. 
Wrestling began for me when I was four! Tre says. Parked in front of the television at all hours of the night and waking up early Saturday mornings to watch Superstars, Tre and wrestling were linked from the beginning. The man who had started it for him was Bret Hitman Hart. I remember dressing up at age 5 in a leather jacket, black pants, and pink glasses. Tre reclaims, It didnít matter if it was rain, sleet, snow, or even sunny weather, the jacket and glasses stayed on my head. This was an obsession that lasted for years to come. 

My first wrestling match occurred when I was about four or five and I beat my pillow. Tre says, I moved on to stuffed animals, once I dominated them I had handicapped matches me versus the pillow and the stuffed animal. I never had a wrestling belt so I used my fanny pack. Once I was a top of the pillow and stuffed animal divisions I worked my way up to wrestling with the dog. There were many classic matches, but more times than not I came out the victor. Tre believes, I moved from live animals to my friends house where we wrestled in his living room and eventually on his trampoline. I became a strong high flyer. I used technical skills like Bret Hart and high-flying techniques like Jimmy Snuka. I established myself as a main eventer. Once Tre finished with the trampoline wrestling he moved it to his house where he developed the World Championship Wrestling Federation at age 10. 

The wrestling was basically punches and kicks we delivered. The biggest injury someone took was a rug burn. Tre chuckles. Under the name Cryppler (borrowed from the Crippler Chris Benoit) he reigned as one of the greatest champions of all time. Gaining all the major titles he became the first person to become the Grand Slam champion. After threes years atop all divisions in the WCWF, Tre decided to call it quits with the Cryppler. The Cryppler serves as the reigning Commissioner of the WCWF and he retired as heavy weight champion of the world. 

With the new age of professional wrestling dawning in the World Wrestling Federation so did in the WCWF. The Cryppler era had been finished and a new era would reign. What no one knew was that this new era would stay on top for longer and gain more championships than the Cryppler. On August 24th, 1998 Tre the Adonis was born. A flashy young piece of talent was created. Tre the Adonis would go on to serve as Intercontinental Champion, Hardcore Champion, and most importantly he went on to win the WCWF title. He gained major membership in such elite groups as the Four Horsemen, Hart Foundation, and the nWo. With his mentors Bret Hart and Hulk Hogan by his side Tre the Adonis would become one of the greatest champions of all time. Some say though, that Tre the Adonisí gifts in the ring are overshadowed by his immense background of psychology. Tre has used his ideology of major schemes and screw-jobs to gain political power over the crowd and the wrestlers.

The Adonis continues to be a bright part of the S.W.F and is the undisputed heavy weight champion of the world. What is in store for this crazy man in the upcoming years? The only way to know is to follow and watch the S.W.F.