The band oficially started on August 21st 2001, on max's back porch. We all had sucky equiptment back then so we didnt really play a song because Charles didnt have any skills what so ever on the set! Anyways the first song that the band ventured out into the musical world wiht was, Jimmy Eat World-In the middle. That fell appart and they decided not to do that song, they desided on Dammit by Blink 182 and went from there. Now they have songs 7 under their leather ready to be taken off belts and are ready for more. Those songs include: Dammit, Smells like teen spirit,Hate every bueatiful day, bouncing off the walls,TNT,Otherside,Wonderwall,and Rock and roll all nite. If anyone has any requests well be happy to take them. We are currnetly working on some originals for all you fans out there. The next update to the site will have nice new pictures for everyone to see of the band. Have a nice day!! Tell your friends about Strike Zone and have them play at bithday partys or anything, anything you want theyll do it. The band is really excited about further possible gigs and perfrmances. Thank you for visiting Strikezones page and come back when we have updates. Just IM me or any of the guys with questions--SirCharles1337-charlie, john-szoneguitar, max-Strikezonebass52, brandon- Slacker4life88


The Band


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