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My Favorite Links

Sites That Are Good

Angelfire Home Pages
Wicked Swank - the best site you will ever see (if link doesn't work, still go)
Creature Corner - cool site about horror movies
Bloody-Disgusting - another cool site for horror fans
Newgrounds - a place for games and adult ads
Serial Killer Action Figures
Dead Asylum - fake pictures of dead people
Deviant Art - fucking awesome art that people post
Horror Find - want anything horror-related, you'll find it here
Crime Library - info on all of society's naughty citizens
Crime Scene Investigation - info on all aspects of CSI
Bored - a site for when you are bored
Ginger Snaps - official site for the kickass Canadian series
ESplatter - yet another site for horror news and reviews
UHM - info about all upcoming and recent horror movies
Fangoria - badass horror magazine
Simply Scripts - movie scripts
Rob Zombie - for news, tour dates, and other goodies
The Movie Spoiler (for full spoilers)
Movie Pooper (for quick spoilers)