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my friend luke is opening a professional recording studio and im helping him out with equiptment, publicity and management. in late january, we went to a large and reputable computer show in chicago [its not the shows fault, so im not going to mention their name] to gather components for the computer i was/am going to build for mixing, publishing, and pretty much everything else that needs to be done. the only computer component distributer at the show was northeast micro systems, so we decided to go there. i would post their website right here if they existed, at least on google, but the somehow dont... anywho, we were immeditaly approached by a quick talking salesman trying to give us every single possible upgrade he could lay on us. this is NOT typical of a computer show, but we went with it. we ended up paying over 2000 dollars for an abit 1c7 gmax3 motherboard, a 3 gig pentium 4 processor, two ata ready hard drives [one 120 gig, one 80 gig] and the ata pci cards, 1 gig of crucial brand ram, a case, two additional case fans, a video card, pci v60 fax modem, and a 19 inch sceptre x9 flat panel monitor. this package cost over 2000 dollars. they didnt have any more of the abit harddrives, so they said they would ship that, along with the harddrives, ram, processor, and case fans since they were running low and wanted to have them avalible for someone who could have their full system that day. that made sense from a buisness standpoint, so we agreed, payed them the full ammount of the products and shipping, and took home the case, monitor, video card and modem. they said the package would be there within the upcoming week. well, it wasnt. we called northeast micro and they said that everything was on its way. a few days later, a package arrives at lukes consisting of the two hard drives NOT in boxes, the processor, the ata cards, and elyxer brand ram [lower quality than crucial brand, the brand we ordered] all thrown in a package with empty space filled with empty boxes and PACKAGING PEANUTS. packaging peanuts cause high ammounts of static electricity which can be very damaging to the products, especially the hard drives. no motherboard, no fans. we call them and inquire about the missing items. they said that the motherboard and fans has to be shipped form a different location and would be there in the upcoming days. again, nothing. they assure us call after call that its on its way and will arrive shortly. finally, after around two weeks from the package arriving, i call and demand them to call whoever they shipped with and find out the status of the package. a couple of hours later, i am called back and informed that the motherboard was never sent because the warehouse was out of stock and they never informed him so "its not his fault". i am then told to buy it from the cheapest place i can find it and they will refund that price when i send them a reciept. i refuse and say they need to refund us the ammount that we payed them and they have no buisness looking at the studios recipts from other places. this is agreed upon. it is also agreed that the correct brand of ram would be sent to us with the fans, and we could hang out to the wrong ram until the correct ram arrives. weeks pass. no ram, no refunded money. the person i was talking to, lets call him steve [im not about bashing individuals], said he talked to luke and they agreed to the original proposition he gave on the motherboard refund. they did not do this; i was the only one he talked to. i informed him that it was me he was talking to then and that we didnt agree to that and he says "oh". at this point, im fairly pissed off; weve been getting thr run around for a little over a month [more phonecalls were made that werent addressed here] and we made absolutely no progress. he said he would send the ram and fans off right away and to send our ram back when it gets there. i say that we should reieve additional money in our refund for our time, energy, and dely in buisness. "steve" says that that is very understandable and asks the ammount, i say the most they could give. he informs me that he has to speak to his manager "mike", lets call him. i say i would rather talk to 'mike' directly and am told i can get ahold of him at the office. i call up the office and 'mike' picks up. i tell him the story and he replies "well, what do you want me to do about it? im just the ebay guy.". so at this point, not only do we know that they buy from pricewatch, but also from ebay, so who even knows if what we are getting are new products. i am then told that 'steve' is the owner of northeast micro and 'mike' had no idea why i was calling him. i try to call 'steve' and no response. i still havent been able to speak to him again to date, despite my wishes to 'mike'. when i get ahold of them next [they stopped answering their phones when my number came up on the id... if not, its a coincidence that they picked up when i called from my cell after a long time of trying from home], 'mike' informs me that the reason we arent informed is "my fault" because i need to get the motherboard from pricewatch to be refunded [again, only the pricewatch price] and that i need to send the old ram in before they sent out the right ram, contrary to what i was told by 'steve'. i said that that was crap that i was being told otherwise for weeks and weeks and that the buisness was hurting on their accord and we should get at least some additional money refunded. 'steve' says that i need to do what they say if i want a refund and then hangs up on me. on march 3rd, we box up the ram and send it carefully and properly packaged along with a letter saying to call my cell phone confirming the delivery and to dicuss the motheboard and the compensation that 'steve' said would be paid. they were told to do so by march 15th or legal action would be taken. it is now march 19th. i just tried to call them this morning within buisness hours and are either not in the office or ignoring my calls. i am so quick to say "ignoring my calls" because maybe 1/10th of the time i call the office or 'steve's' cell phone, and the first time i call from a different number, they pick up. i apologize for the longevity of this post, its the compressed version, believe me. the puropse of this is to inform you about this company and to save you from the headache, lost time and damage reputation that luke, i, and the recording studio sustained from our buisness with them. thank you for the read.