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In His Eyes

Intreiging mind, a gentle touch. Don't want to love, it would hurt too much. Would rather it end and think he's saving a heart already broken, from a mend.
I lightly place my hand upon his cheek
In his eyes I thought I had seen more than his words he said to me. His eyes burned like fire and then once and awhile would almost turn stone, protecting himself from a love, his world unknown.
A gentle kiss
I tried to keep my heart from getting close, but wanted too much to know more of the man I wanted most. In his ways of thinking I could not comprehend for his heart I wanted him to share even if only as a friend.
I draw him close
Always I respected his wishes and left it to him, but even in the light I felt him trying to convince himself it would eventually dim. A wall built too high to climb, a heart too hard to see inside. Thinking way too far ahead, thought things to death, no understanding of why a friendship had to end.
A long warm hug
No more embrace, no more tender kiss, for it is the caring I will sorely miss.
Don't want to let go
Hung my head to hide the tears,I will never forget him through the years.
I look deep into his eyes
My heart smiles when I think of him and a pain deep inside at my heartbreak within.
I shed a tear

s>s>s>s>s>s>s>s>s>s>s>s>s>SSSSSSSSSSS Sheryl McAuley (c)2004