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Mistress Saskia

Welcome to my site.

I am highly experienced Mistress who likes the unusual & taboo.

Stunning and sophisticated! Mistress Saskia is 5'9" in stockinged feet, 6'3" in patent heels.Naturally Dominant Her long raven-black hair,glaring green eyes and feline-like composure demands any slave fall to his/her knees in shaking submission instantly. Pity the slave who stubbornly and selfishly trys to hold its will. You will be broken. Your pain is truly Her pleasure!

Mistress Saskia has been involved with BDSM for quite a number of years. Enjoying the art on a personal level long before training on a more professional level in 1996 at the Correction Centre In Melbourne, Australia, Victorias most prominant and professional dungeon. At the hand of Madame Mia and Mistress Maxine. She has a long list of faithful submissives from Vancouver, Toronto, New York, London and Australia, where She resides.

Mistress Saskias specialities include (but are not limited to) Humilation -from the light to the very heavy. Discipline- from light to very heavy. Full toilet training and bodily fluid play- from light to very heavy. Kidnapping scenarios and creative roleplay. Bondage-light to heavy. Equestrian and puppy training. Cbt inc. piercing, Breath training, Sensory deprivation. Xdressing and slave-training. Most fetishes catered for the more interesting or unusual, the better!

Mistress Saskia is reknowned amongst her slaves as being very strict, highly creative and remarkably good at testing slaves limits and taking them further than they have gone before, in a clean,safe and nurturing environment. She enjoys equally playing with both the experienced slave and the slave who is yet to be introduced to the BDSM realm. She enjoys a slave who will open their minds in submission to her play but does not have time for the slave who is not authentically interested in the art of BDSM or who bows at her feet for the wrong reason!

Mistress Saskia has a wide range of outfits that She enjoys wearing in Her sessions. For the fetishist; leather, latex, satin and pvc and for roleplay; frenchmaid, nurse, Headmistress, Trainer and Duchess. Also a range of gorgeous fetish shoes.

Mistress Saskia currently has personal items for sale and you may e-mail Her with your requests


Mistress Saskia enjoys both sides of the BDSM spectrum and will submit to the well deserving Master as a non-sexual submissive enjoying corporal punishment - loving a good spank particularily!, bondage, roleplay, humiliation and pony training, and will generally take as well as she gives to experienced Doms.

For Masters who enjoy roleplay, Sassy has outfits - frenchmaid, schoolgirl and naughty secretary as well!

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