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The all girl band Serpent Heart (Kity, vocals; Trish, guitars; Majestic, bass; and Chasey, drums.) is no longer in existence. Chasey went to college and Kity lost interest in being in a band. Majestic and Trish will start playing in a new band soon. We have part of the band put together; Trish, guitars, keys, songwriter; Majestic, bass, songwriter, vocals, and guitars; and Austin, bass.  If you live in Western Washington and are 15-18 and want to join, e-mail us at We are a blend of rock, metal, punk, and grunge.

Top pictures are Trish (guitars) bottom pictures are Austin (bass). They are working on a  new project with Majestic. If you play drums or sing and would like to be part of this project, e-mail us!