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Guardian of an Immortal Soul--AND OTHER WORKS BY MOON-HOULDSON

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ISBN 1-59824-015-3

The "Guardian" series served as inspiration for the creation of a music soundtrack titled “Night Sins” by Virgil Franklin--available now. The soundtrack will be featured on the front cover of books 8 through 10 of the upcoming “Guardian Series” releases.

Guardian of an Immortal Soul:

What if you were banished to earth, to the middle realm, to live as a being of the night? What if you were appointed Guardian of a vampire's immortal soul? What if you could free the vampire from his endless nights of wandering? Or you ardently sought the elusive answer to a mystery, but lived on borrowed time? What if memories that were not your own, haunted you day and night? What if you had lived six lifetimes, only to be murdered each time just before you uncovered the key to a ritual that would break the endless cycle of death? Or you discovered you had met the vampire two thousand years ago, and that was what led to the banishment you face today? What if you were the only one who could carry the cry for mercy for the vampire, to the feet of the Great One? Christopher Varatoo and Jadyn Rina Hanan have endured daily, for hundreds of years...what if.

Jadyn Rina Hanan carries within her being, a certain vampire's immortal soul and has done so now for her seventh lifetime. Every one hundred years she is reborn and attempts to locate the vampire and return to him that which he lost one thousand years ago.

Each time they make the attempt to restore Christopher's mortality, they fail and the cycle begins anew. They discover they are under a curse by the Great One for a failure of duty many years past and that they were at one time more than they are today. They are told they must discover the secret to a ritual that will take the plea for mercy for the vampire to the feet of the Great One.

Discord breaks out in the vampire nation when others learn Jadyn has a second soul and they fight for the right to claim it. The Vampire Council relates to them a tale of lost love as they learn about their past lives.

Can Jadyn and Christopher put an end to the vicious cycle they have been forced to endure? Can Jadyn's voice carry the plea for mercy to the feet of the Great One...will He listen to the cry for mercy for the vampire?

Dear readers: As each book cover is sketched or completed, it will be placed on the appropriate page. There are now nine books in the series thus far. I love to hear from my readers. Comments are always welcome. You may e-mail me with your thoughts concerning my books. I try to answer each e-mail or letter I receive.

Artwork for "The Moon-Houldson Foundation" created by Earth Realms Creations(c).
Ruby Moon-Houldson is a writer of the Science Fiction, Reference, Paranormal, Romance, and Romance genres. She is also a Registered Nurse and is a College Professor. She has generously donated monies to a fund that are to be utilized for the purpose of encouraging individuals or groups to focus their interest toward the areas of writing or nursing.
Monies or donations of goods made by The Moon-Houldson Foundation are awarded to those individuals or groups that are directly involved in Writing (particularly novels), Nursing, or Journalism. Awards are based on need and are authorized by a representative of the foundation with final approval made by Ruby Moon-Houldson.

Thank you for making this series a success. All the credit goes to the readers for they are the ones who make a book into a GREAT book.

As of August, 2006, Ruby has written over 30 books. As they are released, an announcement will be posted here.

READ Ruby's DRAGON Book (Dragon's Fire, Insanity's Reign) and be swept away while reading 'ROMANCING THE PROFESSOR'.
A LONG AWAITED RELEASE!!!--'THE MAN WITHIN' by Wingsepress is now available!.

Cover art for 'Guardian of an Immortal Soul' by Bill Wolfe, Terre Haute, IN
Graphic art by Studio of Fine Art Photography, Terre Haute, IN


National Indie Excellence Award Winner for Best Fiction novel is Ruby's book, "More Than Angels: Once Upon a Lifetime".


A brilliantly written, riveting and touching tale of a child’s struggle through a life of nightmares and one woman’s steadfast faith in her heroes.---- J. Deveraux, New York Reviewer (More Than Angels 1)

Showing how Thia overcame the endless abuse by calling on an inner strength was heartwarming. To watch her grow into a woman that you could be proud of was emotionally gratifying. The sentiment that Thia held for her hero, Colin Manning, was more love than most people ever experience in a lifetime.---- Lighthouse Literary Reviews (More Than Angels 1)

More Than Angels is by far one of my favorite books. It is thought-provoking and I can feel Thia’s pain. I suggested More Than Angels as a title for Oprah’s Book Club.---- Annie, Reviewer

No doubt about it! I loved this book! This book moves from the traditional and into a unique odyssey of discovery that gives us action, romance, and a heroine like no other! The surprise developments and end to this story cannot have been anticipated. This romantic thriller will catch you off-guard and offer more than you expected. I declare this book and the sequel truly “must reads!” ---- Bixler, IP Book Reviewer (More Than Angels 1)

The story is captivating. I feel it is one of the best books I have read for quite some time. ---- Angela Hooper, Editor (More Than Angels1)

Thia’s Back! And she’s better than Ever! In her sequel, More Than Angels: Once Upon a Lifetime, Ruby-Moon Houldson has once again given us an unforgettable story. With a mixture of self-help, a lot of romance and plenty of action, Houldson masterfully combines each component into another must-read winner. If you haven’t already read More Than Angels: Once Upon a Broken Heart, I recommend you get them both and start at the beginning! The author has used vivid imagery in creating this story. The author has excellent writing skills that ensure her flashbacks fit well within her story, without disrupting the overall activities in the present. I consider these books must-reads for all parents and interested adults! ---- G.A. Bixler, IP Book Reviewer (More Than Angels 2)

Moon-Houldson has created a wonderful tale of intrigue. Her characters invite you into the story and keep you there until the end. ---- Sawyer, Coffee Time Romance (Guardians of Immortal Humanity)

This author’s writing style is strong and evocative. This author has shown us the backbone and fortitude that makes her main female characters role models for all of us. ---- IP Book Reviewer (The Man Within)

Ruby's email address is:


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