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Welcome to Blood Lust, the role playing game. Here you enter the realm of Cyran, the land of the Dark Moon. Where the forces of Aiha(good) and the forces of Rau(evil) are constantly at odds. However, the forces of Rau also have an internal battle as the Rau Rebels rise and mean to overthrow the powerful Rau Council.

Some fight for freedom, some for power, and some merely for a returned balance of magic.

The Aiha, led by Naruu the Light Demon, believe in what is good, truthful and just. The Rau, led by the Rau Council (Byran the Demon, Oolaij the Sorcerer,and Geegan the Demon) believe in power, cruel punishment, and evil. The Rau Rebels( a combination of both sides)led by the wayward vampire Marakomf, believe in returning balance and justice to Cyran.

What do you believe?

The First Four Links are Pages or OOC boards

Rules and Join
The Temple of Naruu
The Rau Council
The Aiha Circle of Gathering
The Rau Circle of Gathering
The Dark Forest
The Ice Plains
The Rebel Incampment
The Demon Glade
The Summoner Palace(ruins)