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Background and Information

The rpg is based in a past-like atmosphere, medieval based. The world is wild and untamed, large animals and mythical creatures roam.

The Rau Council was formed thousands of years ago, and the members have alternated over that time. It was made to keep order of the forces of Rau, and this worked, until the Demon Byran came charge. He killed those who defied him, Rau and Aiha alike, and ruled the Rau with an iron fist. Many Rau liked this new style of leadership, but there were those who did not. Especially, the vampire Marakomf, who's sire was murdered by Byran. Marakomf disappeared for some time, but has now returned, and though some suspect him to have become crazed with thoughts of vengence, he has formed the Rau Rebels. Their cause: to overthrow the Council.

He is not alone in his battle, the Demon Naruu, who many years ago left the Rau and quickly became leader of the Aiha, wants as much as Marakomf to rid Cyran of the Council. However, there are rumours her power is weakening, and without an apprentice in which to bestow her secrets, that could mean the downfall of the Aiha.(GAME HINT: You can become Naruu's apprentice if she finds you worthy)