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Queen of the Damned: For Fans of the Queen of the Damned movie, the Chronicles, and Anne Rice

Aaliyah Dana Haughton

Stuart Townsend

This site is a tribute to the film, the Vampire Chronicles, Anne Rice, and most importantly, the fans. I myself am a huge fan of the movie and Anne Rice. I think the Vampire Chronicles are amazing pieces of literature. The stories themselves are so involved and enticing. It is definitley no surprise that movie makers wanted to bring to life the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice to the big screen.

Click on any main character's picture on this page to learn more about the actors themselves. Each actor's page includes photos, short bios, filmography's and links.

Queen of the Damned is now available to purchase on DVD or VHS. Aaliyah was legendary in her role as Akasha, the Queen of all who are damned. Stuart Townsend was the best actor for the role of Lestat. Purchase this movie here.

Marguerite Moreau

Vincent Perez

Queen of the Damned - For fans of Queen of the Damned, the chronicles and Anne Rice 2003

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